School Pictures ~ Past and Present

School pictures came home yesterday.  Every year I say I’m not going to do school pictures, I’m going to make an appointment at a studio and get nice pictures done.  Maybe every third year do I actually do that – the rest of the time I just write the check and take my chances with the school pics.  Here’s what I found in the envelope this year:

John Fall 2010

Seriously?  The photographer says, “Smile!” and this is what you do?  John was actually pretty pleased with the pictures: “Mom, they really look like me.  I make that expression all the time!”  Yes, darling child, and you pick your nose, too, but I don’t want a framed 8 X 10 of that on the credenza, either.  And check out the accessories.  The black shoestring with the Lord of the Rings Monopoly playing piece knotted in it doesn’t actually look too bad.  The ratty piece of variegated yarn with plastic neon pony beads on it is a souvenir from one of his favorite summer camps.  The camp was in June, and this picture was taken in September.  I’m sure the CDC will be showing up soon to see what nifty bugs they can find in that hunk of yarn – ick.  And he does NOT have a bowl cut, but when he puts his fingers in his hair and drags it all forward it certainly looks like he does.  I’d have preferred a nice collared shirt, but since there’s a strict dress code at his school he wasn’t going to miss the opportunity to wear a “cool” Hard Rock Cafe shirt.  I can’t give him too much grief about that, though.  God knows I’ve worn worse in school pictures.  Actually, I can’t give him any grief at all.

Angie ~ Senior Picture ~ 1984
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13 thoughts on “School Pictures ~ Past and Present”

    1. LOL! Yes, that really is my Senior picture. Picture day that year was also “hat day” Homecoming week, and I ran into a friend wearing the feather wig while I was on my way to the library to get my picture taken. The photographer thought it was hilarious – he suggested the blue drape 🙂 The principal called me into his office when the proofs came in for the yearbook 🙁 but Mom thought it was great – she’s still got the 8 X10!!

    1. Oh, I’ve got the 8 X 10 – just getting up my nerve to put it in the frame – sigh! I was just about to light into him about the picture when I remembered Steve teasing me about my Senior pic when you guys were in last time – that’s exactly what inspired this post 🙂

  1. I think your son looks adorable! It looks very natual, and he’s such a cutie pie! And WOW…..You’ve got nerve! I thought that was a doctored photo for sure! (Although compared to some of my big-hair ’80’s do’s….I might prefer the feathers!)
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. AHHHH! Is that really your senior pic??!! You look HOT girlie!! We have terrible school picture luck-bad hair, messed up shirts, snotty noses. Doesn’t anybody give them a “once-over” before they let the photog take a pic?????

    1. I swear I’d be willing to pay extra every year for a “once-over” right before the picture. You know, just straighten the collar, wipe the face, etc . . .

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