Sending Everyone Back to School

“Trust the LORD
and live right!
The land will be yours,
and you will be safe.
Do what the LORD wants,
and He will give you
your heart’s desire.”
~Psalm 37:3-4

The aisles at Target are full of parents buying school supplies, whining kids, and excited college Freshmen.  I’m thankful not to be among them.  Aaron and Catherine moved back to school Friday, and we went in Saturday with some furniture that wouldn’t fit in their cars.  I was excited about seeing the apartment, but after hearing the square footage and the rules against hanging anything on the walls I have to admit I expected a rather claustrophobic, dreary apartment.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  In fact, John’s first words when we got in the car to leave were, “I’d like to live there!”

Their apartment is bright and cheerful, with deep windowsills, textured walls, and shelves with baskets and colorful canvas bins to maximize storage space.  When we walked in there was soft music playing and wonderful smells wafting from the kitchen.  It didn’t look or feel like a college apartment, it was obviously a home.  Evidently Catherine had cleaned while Aaron cooked, so they’re already working out the big, nasty “division of labor” issue.

What more could a parent want for their child than that they are happy, that they grow to adulthood and make a home of their own with someone they love?  And both Aaron and Catherine are passionate about their fields of study, so I know they will end up with satisfying careers as well.  I’m looking forward to this year for them – those first years are hard, but they are precious to look back on.

Next up on the parenting agenda: getting John started off on the right foot in eighth grade.  Prayers requested, please – my stubborn thirteen-year-old knows how to push all a teacher’s buttons without even trying.

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4 thoughts on “Sending Everyone Back to School”

  1. Memories. I always lived in the dorms in college but man do I miss it 🙁

    Every year I’m not in school i secretly buy some back to school items even though I don’t even need them! HA!

    Thanks for the free ebook! I just bought it and look forward to reading it!

    Stopping by from Saints & Scripture Sunday 🙂

    1. I don’t miss the dorms (I have some roommate horror stories that would curl your hair), but I do LOVE nice, new school supplies 🙂 I hope you enjoy the ebook!

  2. What a joy! I’m sure there are also other thoughts of concern and even sadness, but what a blessing that the new couple is so happy together and working through their differences. 🙂

    I’m sure your 8th grader will do super with a Mama (and Daddy, I’m guessing) praying for him! How can he lose? God is all providing and since yall are getting The Big Guy on his side… well, he’s gotta win! 🙂

  3. Just one picture, and I can see that Catherine is blessed with the gift of homemaking. Aaron is so lucky! (where was I when that lined formed???)

    I thought about you all over the weekend. Father Dale had all the students get up for a special blessing was wonderful!

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