Seven Happy Thoughts

OK, the increased dose of antidepressants and the prayers are kicking in. I’m doing better. In fact, I’d have to say this has been a good week!

— 1 —

I’m loving my critique group more each time we meet. I adore constructive criticism. I don’t care if one of my critique partners has a hundred comments on the few pages I’ve submitted – I want them all! If you are a writer Get thee to a critique group!

— 2 —

All my disability insurance people returned my calls promptly. Well, except for my primary long-term disability manager, who’s had my case since August and has yet to return a phone call. But since he has evidently approved the things other people talked to me about I’m not complaining. I don’t even care if he actually exists (which I’m beginning to doubt).

— 3 —

My eldest son’s future father-in-law, who had bilateral pulmonary emboli, is now back to work and feeling much better. It killed me to see him unable to do what he wanted to do because it reminded me so much of my early limitations, but thankfully, he has made a full recovery. Hematology workup in the works, because this guy had no risk factors.

— 4 —

According to the groundhog we are to have an early Spring, and yesterday certainly felt like it! You know how I hate winter weather in general, but I do like enough cold weather to kill off the bugs and enough snow to drive the grass seed in for the spring.

— 5 —

I think I’ve finally found a combination of skincare and makeup products that will work for me. It’s complicated enough that it’s gonna need a whole post for itself, but I’m pretty excited about it!

— 6 —

My wonderful husband, who has worked as an independent contractor for a courier service for seven years (that means no paid vacation, no sick days, no benefits of any kind) has found a new job. Yes, he will still be an independent contractor, but now it will be for a courier service that will actually let him take time off (unpaid) for vacation or illness. I’m pretty excited about this since we haven’t had a vacation in forever and he was actually called out of the recovery room during my third surgery because the guy he’d hired and trained (at his own expense) was unable to complete the route. Ten minutes after he put in his notice he got a call from the CEO of the company. Obviously he does his job very well.

— 7 —

This morning I’m going to a book club meeting. I really “clicked” with another of the Quick Recall moms, Lisa, and she invited me to join her book club. Not that I was excited or anything, but I read the 400-page book between the time we left the Quick Recall tournament Wednesday and the time Michael got home last night 🙂 It’s called Defending Jacob, and it’s a fabulous read, especially for those of you with teens or tweens.

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2 thoughts on “Seven Happy Thoughts”

  1. I LOVED Defending Jacob! It was probably one of the best five or so books I read last year. Also, I’m ready for spring too but I’m afraid the groundhog is a big fat liar.

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