Seven Quick Takes Friday

1.) I’m trying to get back on board the Fly Lady bus again and clean for fifteen minutes every day.  I do a modified version and use the Home Routines app on my iPhone, and one of my tasks this week was vacuuming under my sofa cushions.  I found eggshells there.  I can’t even imagine why there would be eggshells under my sofa cushions.  I know for a fact everyone in this house peels their hard-boiled eggs at the sink under running water.  They may carry them to the sofa to eat them, but they don’t peel them there.  It’s a mystery.

2.) While I’m off work I’m trying to go to noon Mass once a week.  It’s a smaller, older crowd, and if you get there half an hour early they say the rosary.  I keep one of those little “finger” or “ring” rosaries in my purse, so I’ll usually join in.  But I’d like to know who thought it was a good idea to put the retired auctioneer into the “leading the rosary” rotation.  The last time I heard anyone talk so fast or in such a sing-songy rhythm I was looking at cattle and smelling manure.  I just held very still for the ten minutes it took to get through all of the glorious mysteries, afraid I wouldn’t sell for much per-pound.

3.) They should make everyone take a Marketing class in college, no matter what their major is.  Everyone has to take Psychology 101 and Sociology 101, and how much of that have you really used in your day-to-day lives?  But eventually we all have to market ourselves no matter what we’re doing, and this past week would have been a lot less stressful if I’d had a clue how to market my ebook.  It was kind of like giving birth after not having read any books or gone to any parenting classes, and then thinking, “What in the world do I do now?”

4.) I love marching bands.  And I think it’s especially nice of those football teams to show up and entertain us before and after the marching band performances.

5.) I went one entire day this week without crying about anything.  Either I’m starting to level off emotionally or I’m completely dehydrated.

6.) I babysat for a friend one evening this week and sent one of her three-year-olds home reeking of wine and all three of her kids chanting a mildly offensive line from a Captain Underpants book at the top of their lungs and laughing hysterically.  But everyone was well-fed and no one was bleeding, so I’m calling it a success.

7.) I still hate Facebook.  I’ve done all the things that I read were supposed to “fix” it and it’s still driving me nuts.


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2 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes Friday”

  1. Ok, here are some of my random thoughts. 1. Blame the dog &/or kid. 3. I would add public speaking to the “required class” list. I have yet to use my advanced geology, however. 5. Margaritas are excellent re-hydrators. Or not. Either way, great progress! 6. Well-fed and not bleeding is always a win. And both of my kids reek of wine all the time, too. It’s a new fad, I think. 7. Hell, yeah!

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