Seven Things that Bring Me Comfort

— 1 —

Prayer. Yeah, I know you thought I was going to say chocolate, wine, coffee, or dogs first. SURPRISE! Since I’m alone most of the day every day I have an on-going casual prayer session all day long. I do keep a prayer journal to focus on particular things I’m thankful for and people or situations I’m praying for. If I comment on FB that I’m praying for you I really mean it. I also pray more formal prayers, rosaries and novenas, because the repetition helps me focus my priorities. My favorite rosary app has audio that I can listen to with headphones in bed at night and beautiful stained glass images for each of the mysteries. I subscribe via email to Pray More Novenas, and my favorite is the St. Jude rosary. He’s the patron saint of lost causes and desperate situations, so I feel pretty comfortable hanging out with him at prayer time. This is the picture I have in my hallway.
And yes, Portraits of Saints IS where I bought it if you want one of your own.

— 2 —

Cards in the mail. Weird, right? But in this age of email, text, and social media a card or letter is so unexpected I’m happy before I even open it! I have a couple of friends who send me cards “just because”, and it always perks me up no matter how bad the pain is or how down I’m feeling that day.

— 3 —

A “happier ever after, at least for now” at the end of a book. If I want something depressing and thought-provoking I’ll just live my life. If I borrow a book from the library I fully expect a happy ending. (Clearly, I’m not a fan of literary fiction.)

— 4 —

Soft socks. Really, it’s the little thinks in life. If it drops below seventy degrees I want soft, fuzzy socks. In fact, last night I slept with socks on my hands because I can’t figure out why this very minor rash on the side of my nose won’t go away. Michael suggested I might be scratching it in my sleep. It’s no better today, but my hands were quite comfy all night 😉

— 5 —

Snuggles. With my husband, my son (who hugs me every single day!), my two big fur-babies, and the two adorable little boys I hang out with most Friday nights, helping their GiGi keep them fed, clean, and uninjured while their parents have a peaceful meal out. Really, there is just nothing like a hug from a little one. If I could bottle that feeling no one would need Prozac.

— 6 —

Writing. Even though I can only write for 15-20 minutes at a time and I may never publish a single book I like knowing I have a creative outlet and that I’m being productive. That’s important to me.

— 7 —

Music. It’s amazing how the right music can be energizing, or romantic, or comforting. I’ve always found Country Christmas Carols comforting. I’m not ready for them yet, but once my decorations are up I’ll be listening to Thistlehair the Christmas Bear ASAP!

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5 thoughts on “Seven Things that Bring Me Comfort”

  1. Socks are the best especially in the winter. I’m all about them. So is my dog – he loves to eat them if you happen to kick them off in the middle of the night when you start to sweat. He eats them. Such a weirdo.
    I adore Christmas music. There is a radio station that plays nothing but Christmas songs and I have it on all day. I’m not a huge fan of country but the radio station plays a good mix of genres. I just love music and like you, it really does help pick up the mood.
    And cards in the mail for the win!

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