Seven Wonderful Things About Beverly

— 1 —

Yesterday evening my aunt Beverly passed away from lung cancer.  She was at home, under the care of Hospice.  Edie, my step-mother, and I were blessed to be able to be with her when she passed.  I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else.

— 2 —

You may know Beverly from her popular food blog, Beverly’s Back Porch.  What most people don’t know is that Beverly had throat cancer ten years ago and hasn’t been able to eat solid food for a decade.  Yes, she cooked all of that wonderful food and couldn’t eat a bite of it.

— 3 —

Beverly was a deeply spiritual person.  She’d post a scripture or meditation nearly every Sunday, and was involved in her own church in an eclectic range of capacities: bereavement food team, Christian Women’s Fellowship, and preschool Vacation Bible School to name a few.  But she was fond of stopping by services at churches of other denominations on a regular basis as well. . . just to hear things from a different perspective.

— 4 —

She had a fabulous sense of humor.  And she was always just as ready to laugh at herself as at any other situation.  The strip-tease down to her Victoria’s Secret longjohns will go down in CWF Spring Fashion Show history 🙂

— 5 —

She was beautiful.  She was crowned Prom Queen of Bryan Station’s class of 1963, and I’ve heard her referred to as “the most beautiful girl in Lexington”.  Even after throat cancer, chemo, and extensive dental surgery she cut her hair in a short bob, went blonde, and layered on the funky clothes until she looked nothing life her sixty-something years of age.

— 6 —

She loved animals.  She’s always been partial to Yorkies, once having as many as five at one time.  Her last three dogs have been rescue dogs, two of whom are littermates and have been with Beverly since puppyhood.  Annie and Mazzy will soon be moving to a new loving home.  I’m not sure if she was actually fond of horses,, but she was lucky enough to watch Secretariat on training runs, which I didn’t know until I asked her if she’d seen the movie.

— 7 —

 She loved the sun and warm weather.  Having spent much of her adult life in Florida she was not fond of Kentucky’s cold winters, and I’m glad if she had to go it was after enjoying another beautiful summer and fall and before what we’re hearing will be a hard winter.  Heaven for Beverly will always be eighty degrees and sunny and she’ll be able to eat everything she wants.
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12 thoughts on “Seven Wonderful Things About Beverly”

    1. Thank you! The beautiful bracelet I bought from your shop was supposed to be a Christmas gift for her. Needless to say, she got it early. She loved it, and wore it constantly for the short time that remained to her.

  1. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful person. I especially love the part about stopping by other churches to see things from a different perspective. There are so many lessons in that. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I’ve always wished I’d taken my boys to a variety of churches when they were young to expose them to other ways of worship, but we just never got around to it.

  2. Oh Angie, I am so very sorry. Bev surely was an amazing lady. And she loved her Jammie Girl – that was evident. The world has lost an amazing lady. And I feel like I have lost a friend.

  3. Beautifully written, Angie. I didn’t know quite a bit of this. Beverly was truly beautiful inside and out. Sending sympathy to all of your family.

  4. I am sadden to hear of her passing, I just noticed on her site that she was ill. I would stop over to see her site every once in a while and since noting of her illness I have thought of her often. She had a beautiful look about her and I am sure we would of been friends if we met in person. I love to hear the things you shared about her.
    My thoughts and prayers are with her and all of you.

    1. Everything happened so quickly. She actually went from having full conversations Thursday morning to passing away Thursday evening. Her site will stay up indefinitely so everyone can access her recipes. You would have adored her had you met her – everyone did!

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