Shopping and Ashes and Horseplay

— 1 —

John and I watched Ghost Rider the other night.  Evidently there’s a sequel out or coming out soon, so he DVRd it in order to convince me to take him to see the new one.  I’m a huge Nicholas Cage fan (OK, just a fan of how he looks on screen.  I loved him in Valley Girl.), but I wasn’t sure I was willing to sit through a movie about some motorcycle rider who’d sold his soul to the devil.  First off, I think my pal Nick proved in Con Air that he can’t fake a Southern accent, so I’m not sure why he tried it again in this movie.  It does grate on the nerves of those of us who appreciate the beauty of a real Southern accent.  Part of the movie’s premise did bring back a great childhood memory, though.  Cage’s character is a motorcycle stunt rider, as was his father before him.  I did once see Evel Knievel perform live at King’s Island in Ohio. He jumped a lot of buses.  I just remember I was young, really too short to see anything, and it was unseasonably cold, but it was very exciting nonetheless.  Long story short good triumphed over evil in the end, so we may go see the sequel.

— 2 —

For the second time this month John called me from school because he’d “gotten a demerit”.  The first time it was for talking in class.  This time, just like last time, when I asked him what the demerit was for he half-covered the phone and called to his teacher, “What’s my demerit for?”  Maybe I hadn’t had enough caffeine, but I thought he said “foreplay”.  I asked again and he replied, “horseplay”.  Either my hearing is going or this kid is really trying to yank his teacher’s chain.  Mind you, it’s been the same teacher both times, and this is the same teacher who is unable to figure out how to use the online grading system the rest of the county uses, so all her students end up with surprises at the end of the grading period.  Last term she evidently had so many complaints she recalculated everyone’s scores.  John went up an entire letter grade.  How long until school is out?

— 3 —

Note to self: Turn on lights in pantry before taking medications.  Valium and Lasix are in the same size bottles and look alike in the dark.  Mix them up and you’ll be asleep on your feet with swollen ankles or dehydrated with very tight neck muscles.

— 4 —

I found a fabulous consignment shop just two minutes from my house.  It’s been there a year, I’d just never gotten around to going in.  If you live in the Louisville area you have to check out Clothes Mentor on Hubbards Lane in the Kroger shopping center.  High quality clothes, huge selection, spectacular prices.  No more driving downtown for bargains!

— 5 —

The 7pm Ash Wednesday mass was packed, as usual.  Services are held at so many different times throughout the day at all the Catholic churches and nearly all the hospitals that everyone can get their ashes, no matter their schedule.  One of the things I’ve always loved about Louisville, even after living here 23 years, is that the people don’t hesitate to carry an obvious mark of their faith around all day.  Doctors and nurses make rounds with ashes smeared on their foreheads, families roam Kroger and Target with ashen crosses and no one stares, and grocery stores and restaurants stock up on fish.  People chat openly about what they’re giving up for Lent the way they’d talk about the finale of Downton Abbey – it’s part of our lives.  I like that.

— 6 —

I went out to lunch (shrimp tacos!) with a friend this week and then we went shopping (at the new store I told you about) and found lots of cute clothes for her upcoming vacation, then we came back to my house so I could load her up with books for the trip.  That’s my idea of a great afternoon.  It’s almost as good as going on vacation myself.  All I need is my CD of ocean sounds and some sand to put my toes in and I’m all set!

— 7 —

What’s the best way to end a busy week?  Fish Fry!  No cooking for me tonight 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Shopping and Ashes and Horseplay”

  1. I always like your Friday posts, and this one is no different. Shrimp tacos? Yum! Clothes Mentor? Pocketbook yum! Fish fry? Like Girl Scout Cookies, double yum! (Cause they only happen for a short period of time each year.) Good books? Supreme yum! Good friends? Best yum in the whole wide world!

  2. Yall must have more Catholic folks in St Matthews than we do … I almost always get the ‘um, you have dirt on your head’. And, the early Mass (8:30) was crowded, but totally doable.

  3. If I did’t turn on the lights when I take my medicine both in the morning and at night, i’d be a hell of a lot more messed up than I already am. Though at some point you just gotta say, there’s only way but up from here.

    um, right?


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