Shopping: Love It or Hate it?

I hate to shop.  There, I said it.  I don’t like crowds, and I don’t like dealing with rude, apathetic, or downright hateful salespeople.  I especially dislike shopping for clothes for myself because I’m overweight enough that NOTHING looks good when I try it on.  For the first time in my adult life I am going to have to soon begin wearing something other than scrubs to work.  The “powers that be” have decided that the nurses who do my particular job need to dress in “business casual” with lab coats.  I don’t own any “business casual”.  I own scrubs, jeans, sweats, and wedding/funeral clothes.

My friend Lisa hates to shop almost as much as I do, so when we were having lunch last Saturday and she suggested we head on over to the mall and do some shopping I nearly choked on my shrimp taco.  It turned out she had a party to go to that night and needed a new outfit to wear, and since I’d been whining about the “business casual” thing for a couple of weeks sharing the misery seemed to be a good idea.  We walked through the frigid, snowy parking lot into a large department store populated with teensy little bikinis.  These things would maybe have fit a four-year-old, but no grown woman I knew would be shoving body parts into them.  After trekking to the opposite end of the store and taking the escalator up a floor we finally found the grown-up woman clothes in an unobtrusive corner.  You had to really want it.  Lisa found a cute outfit, and I found a couple of tops for work, but the really interesting items were the ones we DIDN’T buy.

Actually, I was tempted to buy this.  It was on sale for $14 and I thought if I wore it to work the first day the new dress code goes into effect it would make a statement.  And I’m 100% sure there is nothing in the dress code prohibiting vests made of mongrel dog fur.

I love the big fashion rings you see everywhere now.  They really add the finishing touch to an outfit . . . unless, of course, they have pom-poms embedded in them.

Next trip: shoes.

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16 thoughts on “Shopping: Love It or Hate it?”

  1. I don’t like to shop, either. I’ve never understood why anyone would “recreational shop,” unless it’s after you and a friend have consumed a few glasses of wine at a restaurant and then trot on over to try on Victoria’s Secret Miracle bras. (Not that I would know anything about that…or admit to knowing… 🙂 )

    I suppose *someone* buys that outlandish stuff, otherwise I assume it wouldn’t be made. If nothing else it gives the rest of us a good laugh.

  2. I feel for you. I’m there too. Usually I can find something I like at Catherine’s. They always have something on sale. I buy my shoes from Zappo’s. Size 10 double E is not easy to find. Easy to return too. If I don’t like them I let them know and they email a shipping form. I take it to UPS and its done for free.

    1. I have had good luck now and then at Catherine’s. I also do well with Roaman’s online. I just ordered from Zappo’s for the first time and was THRILLED with their customer service!

  3. okay, the pom pom ring is pretty whoreanus, but not whoreanus enough to ironically make it awesome. the mongrel vest, on the other hand- oh my god, how could you not buy it?

    1. I know, right? I keep thinking about the vest – I can just imagine everyone’s faces when I show up at work in that thing! It may have to be mine 😉

  4. I LOVE to shop…but not for clothes. I do all my clothes shopping online. Roaman’s, The Avenue, etc. I do NOT need the up-close-and-personal-mirrors of a dressing room. No thanks!

    But that vest….ooh la la! You’d make QUITE a statement with that beauty!

    1. I’d pay extra if they’d cover up those mirrors in the dressing rooms with a curtain I could pull back for just a quick peek rather than the whole shocking experience at one time – YIKES!

    2. Thanks again for suggesting The Avenue! After I read your comment I went to the site and ordered a pair of pants and a pair of loafers – I ADORE both! happy dance 🙂

  5. HOW MANY ANIMALS HAD TO DIE TO MAKE THAT JACKET???? Sorry, excuse me there 🙂 I USED to hate to shop – back when I had a job that required business casual as well. I had 10 pairs of black pants, 10 black cardigan sweaters, and more t-shirts than I could count in a variety of colors to spice my outfit up a bit. Now… I’m learning to love it a little bit. I can finally shop for whatever I want. It doesn’t have to meet some arcane dress code – I mean really, hose? Do people even wear hose any more? I’m suddenly interested in frilly skirts, fashionable jeans, hooker boots and bling… I didn’t know it was in me 🙂 And I totally agree with Michele – lots and lots of wine makes shopping fun for all 😉

  6. That hideous vest leaves me speechless …. and that goofy ring looks like something Rachel would wear.

    Even better would be knowing how much these atrocities cost ……

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