Should I Become a Football Player or a Police Officer?

— 1 —

I have a confession to make.  I’m jealous of Peyton Manning.  He’s had four cervical spine surgeries and now he’s back to playing football.  After my four cervical spine surgeries I couldn’t have even sat on the bench for the whole game Sunday, let alone played.  I know, it’s apples and oranges since he didn’t go for two years trying every therapy known to man with an unfused vertebrae his neurosurgeon had missed.  I don’t even know how many levels he had surgery on.  I’m just jealous that he’s got his life back and I don’t.  All I want to do is go back to being a nurse and being able to do normal things – I’m not asking to play contact sports!  OK, that’s the end of my pity party for this week.

— 2 —

Mine and my husband’s cars were broken into in our driveway this week and my Garmin GPS was stolen.  When I called the St. Matthews police to report the theft they sent an officer out promptly, but he tried to talk me out of filing a report ( I did it anyway) and spent more time looking at my license, registration, and proof of insurance than asking questions about the crime.  He even said, “doesn’t look like forced entry”.  I assured him we always lock our cars because we’ve had things stolen on our street before and that I assume thieves have some way of getting into a locked car without breaking a window.  (Even AAA can do that for you if you lock your keys in your car.)  He was quite amused when I said I could identify my GPS because I use it constantly and have so many addresses stored in it.  He said, “If it turns up in a pawn shop you’ll just have to buy it back.”  Really?  So receiving stolen goods isn’t a crime anymore?  Fascinating.

— 3 —

Then a neighbor came by and asked if we’d had out cars broken into.  When I said yes he mentioned that he’d chased away two guys who’d been trying to break into his car about 2:30 a.m., but hadn’t called the police.  The officer didn’t even ask what the guys looked like.  I’m serious.  He didn’t seem remotely interested in a witness to the crime who walked right up to him and offered information.  I’m really not sure who I’m more pissed at – the officer for not doing his job or the neighbor for thinking since he’d chased the guys away from his car everybody else was on their own.  There’s almost not enough energy left for me to be angry at the criminals who took something I need in my daily life.  Between the pain and the pain meds I can’t find my way home from places I’ve been to dozens of times, so as soon as the officer left (and I vented on Twitter and Facebook) I bought a used Garmin on eBay.  I just hope it gets here fast.  I have a doctor’s appointment next week and I have no idea how to get to his office on my own.

— 4 —

Where, you might ask, were my dogs during all this?  The huge, loud dogs who bark like ferocious beasts when the mail carrier walks across the yard at 3 p.m.?  Asleep in our bed, of course, and they never made a sound.  It’s a good thing they’re cute.

— 5 —

Here’s a question I’m throwing out there.  How do you motivate your family members to attend church services with you when they’re less than enthusiastic?  I’m attending a church I love, but trying to get the rest of the family (my husband included) to go is like herding cats.  When the kids were little we just made it part of our usual weekend routine, but a few years ago when John was bullied and we left both our parochial school and our parish we fell out of the habit.  I’d really like to get back into the habit of going as a family instead of just me alone, and have actually been putting off officially joining this parish until I feel like we can do it as a family.  Suggestions??

— 6 —

Crime update: My husband found a one-decade rosary in the grass near where he parks.  We figure it dropped out of the thieves’ “goodie bag” as they were going through his car.  I’ll be taking it to the police station, and if no one has filed a report that included a stolen rosary I’ll go door-to-door on our street and the court one street over and ask everyone if it’s theirs.  It’s obviously not a valuable one money-wise, but it may well have been someone’s grandmother’s, making is priceless to them.  And odds are the officer who was here talked them out of filing a report.

— 7 —

I can’t wait to see Aaron march this weekend.  And I’d like to thank the Morehead State University football team in advance for providing entertainment before and after the Marching Band Performance I’m going to see 😉

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2 thoughts on “Should I Become a Football Player or a Police Officer?”

  1. I’d go for the police officer. Heaven knows they need all the help they can get. At least they can find your street. I’d have to wait 3 hours for them to find me.

    Keep going to your church. The rest of the family will follow when they’re ready. Have fun on Saturday and hugs to Aaron and Catherine.

  2. Darn, Angie! Sorry about your dismal experiences with the law this week! Back when we lived in Denver, I called one afternoon to report a teenager driving so fast on our street that he lost a hubcap and it rolled two blocks (and was still going full tilt when I lost sight of it!) The dispatcher’s response? “Do you know his name? What’s his social security number?” ???!! Really??

    And another time I called 911 because of a suspicious vehicle and they said “We’ve got someone on it” and hung up on me. If they hadn’t, I could’ve told them that he’d just turned left, and the cop car looking for him was turning right… They caught the guy eventually, but it would’ve save everyone a lot of aggravation if they’d stayed on the line!

    Regarding church, I’m with Catherine. You keep going because you need it for you; invite your husband and sons. God works in inscrutable ways. Maybe this time around, your job is to find community and healing for yourself. That, along with your wonderful, inviting personality, will be a better incentive for the guys (and maybe your daughter-in-law-to-be) to accompany you at some point. Chistmas is coming after all…

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