Six Word Memoir

One of the Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop prompts this week was to write a Six Word Memoir.  Hit the inspiration site and come back.  I’ll wait.


Wasn’t that cool?  I love when people can distill experiences and feelings into so few words.  I am not a person of few words.  My mother always told me she thought I’d been vaccinated with a phonograph needle.  I’m going to try it, though.  Here’s my six word memoir:

Shiny new goals.  Never enough time.

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10 thoughts on “Six Word Memoir”

  1. Very creative memoir. I’m thinking but haven’t nailed down mine yet.
    As for legality of texting/mowing, I think it’s just down right lucky that he’s mowing at all. Way to go Aaron!

  2. Vaccinated with a phonogaph needle? I LOVE it! That describes me perfectly. I may have to steal that one!

    Yeah, I didn’t choose that one because I can’t say that few words either! My teachers used to tell my mother I talked too much and she said ‘I know! If you can find a way to shut her up, let me know!

    Love that you have great goals to look forward to!

    Stopping by from Mama kats.

  3. Stopping by from Mama Kat’s…

    I’m always trying to put too much into so little words. Probably why I gave up on poetry and went into blogging.

    Thanks for sharing,

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