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I just realized that I haven’t posted a thing since last week’s 7QT. It’s not that nothing’s been going on – I’m just being a slacker blogger right now. I have ideas for posts, but just haven’t managed to follow through and actually complete them. It’s not like I have anything earth-shattering going on, anyway :/

— 2 —

I am a little more mobile than I have been – at least temporarily. For almost a year now Michael has been using my car for work and his has been sitting in the driveway with a terminal transmission issue. After much discussion and a couple of test drives we decided that it would be safe for me to take it anywhere within five miles (AAA free tow radius) that didn’t require me going over thirty-five miles per hour. This actually frees me up a lot. I could go to Kroger, Target, or my favorite consignment store if I had any money to spend, but I don’t. So instead I go to noon Mass on Fridays. That may not seem like much, but it’s pretty exciting for me. My favorite priest always does that Mass, and it’s a quick one, so I can manage it on all but my worst pain days.

— 3 —

In keeping with my “good ideas not completed” theme I have started a craft project as a gift for a friend, and I’m not sure I will ever complete it. What started out as a simple idea has become a very complicated project. If I do get it finished it will be a fabulous gift, and I will blog a tutorial. Unless it turns out awful, in which case I’ll just deny ever attempting it.

— 4 —

Yesterday was John’s last day of band practice until Band Camp starts up in July. Between now and then my goal is to see the movie American Pie, since every time I mention Band Camp someone says “This one time at Band Camp” and everyone dies laughing, but I never get the joke. Note to self: check to see if it’s on Netflix.

— 5 —

Speaking of Netflix, I truly don’t remember what I used to do when my brain just wouldn’t shut down and let me sleep before I could stream TV series on Netflix. There are so many mind-numbing series out there that I’ve never seen before. I love to read, but when I’m exhausted, in more pain than usual, or upset about something I can’t concentrate on a book. Vampire Diaries, on the other hand, works just fine. I am truly enamored of the bad-boy vampire with the gorgeous eyes. The other one has goofy hair, just like his sparkly movie counterpart.

— 6 —

My house and yard are a mess, but the dogs are clean. It seemed like a reasonable starting point to me. John and I bathed both dogs in the tub with my special homemade dog shampoo. He did all the heavy lifting and dog control while I supervised appropriate scrubbing and rinsing of all doggy parts. Afterwards, John cleaned up the inch of water on the bathroom floor while the dogs rolled around on the fresh sheets Michael had put on our bed. Oh, well. Wet dog smell is much better than stinky dog smell.

— 7 —

My yard does make me sad, though. No herbs or annual plants this year. No baskets or pots to water. Lots of weeds and no color now that my iris have finished blooming. My grandmother would have a cow. She started her planting beds with a flatbed trailer and her car’s trunk full of flowers, and probably ended up with twice that much before she was done. And those were just her annuals! The vegetable garden, of course, was completely separate. My grandfather pretended to fuss, but I think he enjoyed the flowers as much as she did 🙂 Good memories.

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2 thoughts on “Slacker Blogger”

  1. #2. Friday Mass is a wonderful place to be “limited” to. 😉
    #3. You want the yarn and knitting I’ve already completed on an afghan I bought at a garage sale when we moved here almost 22 years ago? :/ Or how about the placemats I started 10 years ago? Then there’s the quilt I began the year before my mother died; she’s been gone for 2 1/2 years… I apparently have a flair for the unfinished. 😉
    {{{gentle hugs}}} for my dear friend.

    1. You are so right! It can’t be a coincidence that my favorite priest in the whole Archdiocese is less than five miles away at a beautiful church that offers Mass at the time of day I usually feel my best 🙂

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