Small Successes ~ Oct 2

OK, I’m a day late on this one, but I’m going to post it and link it anyway. I’ve been inspired by Dianna‘s “small successes” posts, even though with her houseful of kids I think just getting everyone clean, clothed and fed is a LARGE success! I’m feeling like I’m making zero progress lately, so maybe posting about my own small successes will help me stay motivated. This week, I have:
1) Oriented two people to new jobs while still staying on top of my own job.
2) Changed out the family pictures in my office for more recent ones of the kiddos.
3) Trimmed the dog’s nails.
4) Taken my sons out for lunch like I’ve been promising to do for months.
5) Kept herbs alive in my kitchen.
6) Moved some stuff to the new shed in the backyard.
7) Not eaten ANY chocolate.
For that last one alone someone should give me a medal!!

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One thought on “Small Successes ~ Oct 2”

  1. i agree an award is most def in order for the whole no chocolate thing…wow. i don't think i could do it.

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