So Good You’ll Cry Vegetable Soup

My friend Kim brought me soup the other day.  She drove through a severe thunderstorm and flash flood warning, and she made cornbread, too.  Then she pretended my dogs aren’t the most badly behaved animals in the world and denied having any intention of firing me for being a slacker (she’s my boss, too).  And when Michael heated me up a bowl of soup later and brought it to me, I seriously thought I might cry.  This is soup like my grandmother used to make.  It’s comfort food in the truest sense of the word.

Boil ¾ big pot of water with Beef Stew Beef

After about 2 ½ hours, skim top, add salt/pepper and onion (one or two because we like onions) and a can of Tomato Sauce

Another 30-45 minutes add chopped cabbage and cut canned green beans (I cut them in half in the colander for bite size)

Another 1 hour later add bag diced carrots and several diced potatoes

When the carrots and potatoes are done (soft or how you like them) about 30-45 minutes

I turn off the Soup and dump in a can of peas (I like small peas) and a can of diced tomatoes

Kim says she really never measures anything, just dumps stuff in.  I’ve decided that what I do wrong with vegetable soup is that I leave out the meat (which seriously compromises the flavor) and I add in every vegetable I can get my hands on.  I always end up with a vat of soup that could feed a third world country if they wanted to eat it, which they don’t because it’s too bland.  Colorful, healthy, fiber-rich – but bland.  This is the way I’m making vegetable soup from now on.  Amen.

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