So This is Where My Time Goes!

— 1 —

Last Saturday I did a presentation for my writers’ group on Social Media.  I had an hour, but I think we could have talked half the day and still not covered everything.  I do think it’s important for anyone trying to market themselves (writers, artists, small business owners, etc) to have a strong and positive Social Media presence, and it’s much easier if you have someone to run questions past.  Dianna Kennedy has always been that person for me.  She encouraged me to start my blog, got me to sign up for Twitter (although I refused to use it for several months) and sends me links at least every other day to blogs I should follow, places I should link posts, and tools to use for organization.  I guess you could say she’s been my Social Media Mentor 🙂

— 2 —

Monday I was horrified by the school shooting in Ohio.  When I’m home alone I never have the TV on (because it’s always on when anyone else is home), but Monday the news stayed on all day and I alternated between being on the sofa watching the news and being on the computer monitoring Twitter and Facebook.  I wanted to bring both my sons home and keep them safe beside me (yes, even the one who’s away at college and engaged – I think my texts amused him).  I wanted to talk about it with John, my 13-year-old, when he got home from school, but didn’t know what to say.  My niece Lauren came to the rescue and sent me a shooter awareness poster to share.  She’s awesome.

— 3 —

I finished a month-long online writing class this week.  It was on pacing, and I learned SO much.  It was taught by Mary Buckham, and if you ever get an opportunity to take one of her classes you’ll be amazed.  She’s a fabulous teacher, very patient, and if her other classes are anything like this one you get more than your money’s worth!

— 4 —

I am completely in love with Smash.  I DVR it every Monday night so I can savor it all alone the next day.  You’d think a husband who used to play music professionally (and may do so again, who knows?) and a son with a pretty fabulous voice would mean I’d have some company watching what’s been called “the adult version of Glee”, but they just don’t get it.  I would watch a musical every single day, and attend every single live musical performance in town, professional and amateur, if I could.  There’s an excitement to musical theater that’s just visceral for me – I can’t explain it.  Maybe it comes from being involved in some pretty fabulous musicals in high school – Oklahoma, Carousel – I was just stage crew, and a very marginal dancer in one or the other, but it was magical.

— 5 —

I read a wonderful book earlier this week.  Kenny my Kindle has once again pulled me out of my literary rut and brought me something fabulous.  I wasn’t feeling great, and I wanted to curl up in bed with my dogs and a book that I knew would have a happy ending.  No literary fiction for me, it was time for an historical romance.  Mind you, is has been decades since I read that genre.  I blame it on a boring summer job when I was a teenager and I went through two Harlequins a day.  But I’d downloaded Caroline Fyffe’s Where the Wind Blows, and a couple of pages in I snuggled down in my blankets and gave up all intention of getting anything else done that day.  I won’t be a spoiler, but if you loved the Little House on the Prairie books when you were a little girl, well, this is the grown-up, more compelling version.  I’ll be downloading her other books, and I’ve started a special collection on my Kindle (I just figured out how to do that) labeled “comfort books”.  It’s the literary version of chicken and dumplings without the calories, and by the time I finished the book I did feel better.  Feeling overwhelmed?  Read a Caroline Fyffe book.

— 6 —

Yesterday was the first day of my local writing group’s annual month-long challenge. I’ve committed to a goal of 750 words a day, which will, unfortunately, be broken up into thirty-minute writing sessions during the course of the day since that’s about as long as I can sit, even in my fancy new chair. I’m motivated, though, because the Grand Prize is custody of Gerard the Sock Monkey for one year. I want that monkey.

— 7 —

Yesterday I met Dianna and the Kaboodle for lunch. When my boys were little I remember being frustrated that I could never eat a meal in peace, that what was on my plate was never exclusively mine, all those things that drive moms of little ones crazy. I forget, until I hang out with Dianna, how wonderful and precious those days were. I had so much fun! Thomas insisted on taking his clothes off, Adam pulled the black olives out of my quesadilla and ate them, and Rachel pretended to be a rabbit and wanted me to fix her hair. I got lots of hugs, and it was totally awesome. In other words, moms of little ones, make a lunch date with a mom of teens if you want someone to tell you how brilliant and adorable your kids are and play with them non-stop while you eat your lunch. It’s a win-win situation. I think even the man in the booth next to us was entertained. He seemed so after I peeled Adam off his neck after he’d climbed over the back of the booth, anyway.

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4 thoughts on “So This is Where My Time Goes!”

  1. I need to remember #7. We were in a restaurant recently and Zack launched a fry onto the head of the lady sitting in the booth behind us. I made him apologize, and he ended up sitting with the couple for 15 minutes, chatting them up. They deemed him “precious” and “darling” but mostly I was “mortified” and “ordering drinks quickly.” Sigh…

  2. Your mention of Thomas taking off his clothes at the restaurant made me laugh, because just the other day my friend brought up how my twins were always naked when she’d drop by my house. I truly had forgotten that, but my girls hated clothes for the longest time. I don’t think they ever stripped in a restaurant, though, which would make for a much better story!

    1. Kim,
      My children are almost always in various stages of undress. Rachel isn’t nearly as bad as the boys, but she’s been known to strip dwn to her undershirt in public plenty of times.

      I ignored the fact that he was naked ….. Probably because I was ravenous, but could only eat a little bit before my killer heartburn kicked in. Plus, he’s really really cute, so that helps his case!

      And, since Angie has deemed me a social media maven, I have ANOTHER piece of advice. BUFFER APP …. Now!

  3. I just found your blog from the 7 Quick Takes Link-up. I’m also loving Smash and am the only one in the my family watching it. My husband, who had a college scholarship for singing, and usually will enjoy a good musical with me, is totally uninterested. I was starting to wonder if I was the only person enjoying this show! Glad to know I’m not alone.

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