Spring Break ~ Feel Good Friday

This has been a fantastic week for so many reasons. The kids have been on Spring Break, and I took the week off, so I’ve caught up on some much-needed sleep. The weather has been beautiful. I went for more trigger point injections in my neck and back and I’m feeling better all the time – WOO HOO! The very best thing about this week, though, has been Aaron’s trip to Morehead. He graduates this year, and has been accepted at Morehead for the Fall. We’d only visited once, and that was during a monsoon-level storm, so he really needed some more time on campus. He and Catherine (who’s also going to be attending Morehead) drove in Tuesday morning and stayed until Thursday morning. Aaron got to stay in the dorm with a friend, shadow another Computer Science major to classes, and meet and “chill with” the entire MSU drumline. I can’t help but smile just thinking about the text messages he sent and how his voice sounded on the phone when he called. Aaron is so laid-back and low-key that I’m sometimes tempted to check for a pulse, and he sounded EXCITED. I honestly can’t remember him ever being this enthusiastic about anything, and I couldn’t be happier. Nothing makes a mom happier than seeing her kids happy – that’s what it’s all about! Stop by Feel Good Friday every week and share what had made you happy this week!

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6 thoughts on “Spring Break ~ Feel Good Friday”

  1. You are so right about Aaron. When they stopped by for lunch on their way back from Morehead, he said he loved it and didn't want to leave. I have never heard him talk so much.

    You and Michael are wonderful parents and should be so proud of Aaron, which I know you are.

  2. No way! You and Beverly are RELATED!!! That is so cool! I love her posts!!!

    Of course, I love you too and I can see in the way you both are happy people by the way you write – just so cool!

    I am glad for your son being excited for college. That is a big deal and will make the transition so much easier.

  3. Sounds like a great experience. I'm sure it is so hard when your kids go to college, probably makes it a little easier know they love where they're going!

    Visiting from Feel Good Friday!

  4. Catching up on sleep is one of my favorite feel good things! Glad your son is so stoked about college. That's great!

  5. Isn't that so true, you can tell a lot form their voice. Congrats on all your good things and many more to you.
    From FGF

  6. What an exciting reason to be happy! Are you talking about Morehead, MN? We live in MN so that's why I was wondering. I think a lot of kids from our high school head there.

    So exciting to see your son be so vocal about something so important!!

    ~Mimi @ Woven by Words

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