St. Jude and Being a Band Parent


— 1 —

I just finished a novena to St. Jude, patron saint of hopeless causes and desperate situations. I do a lot more novenas since I subscribed to Pray More Novenas, which emails the prayer for that day directly to your inbox every day. But St. Jude is one of my personal favorites, since my life the past several years has been chock-full of hopeless causes and desperate situations.

— 2 —

My friend Julie and I hosted an EHT party at her home last night. It was wonderful, casual, and comfortable – and a couple of people got information about a dietary supplement that may make a huge difference in their lives for about the cost of a soda a day. What made me sad was the people who weren’t there. The people Julie and I had invited personally, assuring them it wasn’t a “come buy stuff” sort of party, but a gathering where real people would share their own experiences with EHT. My husband even went, and talked about how EHT has helped him. I was very proud of him, because public speaking isn’t comfortable for him, especially about personal issues. I just wish We’d been able to talk to more people, who could then spread the word to their friends and family who might need it. If you or someone you know could benefit from a daily supplement that improves brain function (and really, who couldn’t?) email me or leave me a comment and I’ll send you a short (2 minute) video about EHT. It’s important.

— 3 —

John’s high school marching band will be competing at State this weekend. I’m very proud of him, and of all the kids who have worked so hard since July to make this show the best it can be. I’m not so proud of some of the parents. There is a parent FB page, ostensibly for updates on schedules, etc. But unless you’re part of the “in-crowd” of band parents there is typically no information available until 24 hours or less before an event. But we’ve managed.

— 4 —

Then this week a parent posted on the page that she was frustrated by a teacher’s refusal to allow her son or daughter extra time on an assignment given while the student was out of class for a band activity. Lots of parents chimed in, and it developed into a very well-rounded discussion of academics, extra-curricular activities, and the physical and mental health of teens. I chimed in several times, and a couple of band parents messaged me privately because their kids were having issues similar to John’s (huge drop in GPA, lack of sleep, poor health, many sick days, and periods of severe anxiety over band). I was excited to finally see something actually helpful on the FB page, and then the entire thread was removed. All that remains is rah-rah posts from the “in-crowd” about how wonderful band is.

— 5 —

If a parent was using offensive or divisive language I’d have certainly approved of that comment being deleted. But all the posts were calm and obviously VERY carefully worded. So this weekend John will be gone from Friday until Sunday afternoon for a contest at a distance they normally travel to and from in a day. The band will not perform at halftime for the last home football game of the season, and will be under the thumb of the “in-crowd” chaperones all weekend, one of whom called an entire busload of kids “a bunch of losers” when they took Reserve Grand Champions at a contest. And the contest is in a little hick town where there’s nothing for them to do. I just don’t get it.

— 6 —

I’ve hit a plateau in my weight loss, but I’m still losing inches. I pulled out jeans a size smaller today! After these, I only have one size left. After that I will officially be out of clothes. Which is great, but a bit worrisome since I can’t even afford a trip to Goodwill at this point. But that’s certainly not anything I’m going to lie awake nights worrying about!

— 7 —

Oh, and I’m having a Jamberry Mystery Hostess party this week, ending on Halloween. That means there are a ton of ways to earn entries, but of course you get the most entries by placing orders and booking parties! And the person whose name I draw gets all the Hostess Benefits from this party, which will include free wraps and other products of your choice as well as other half-off items. The final total depends on the party total! So drop by my website and shop 😀

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