St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas, as we all know, is the Saint Santa Claus was based on.  St. Nicholas Day is December 6th, and I’ve always left out small gifts for my kids on one of the weekend days closest to that date.  When they were little they called it “Elf Day”, and the name stuck.  I thought this was a tradition that would end long before now, but kids have long memories when it comes to getting presents.  They may not remember what 4 times 7 is, or to turn in their check for lunch money, or to feed the dog, but they will ALWAYS remember occasions that involve getting presents.  This year the boys are nineteen and twelve, and yes, they will find toys and treats when they wake up this morning.  I’m not sure what I would have done if Aaron hadn’t come home from college this weekend.  Sending an “elf package” just isn’t the same as getting up before them to put presents on the mantle or in their stockings.

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10 thoughts on “St. Nicholas”

  1. That’s so cute.

    I don’t think traditions like that ever go away. My parents did pjs from the Christmas Elf on Christmas Eve and even now, I expect them. LOL

    1. Actually, your timing will be more appropriate than mine! St. Nicholas Day is December 6th, so you’ll be just perfect. I almost always end up doing mine a little early or late because I have to go to work several hours before they get up on weekdays and I didn’t want to miss the fun!

    1. I had to laugh thinking what I what I would have put in your stocking! The boys had yoyo’s in the toes of their stockings, Christmas candy, and Christmas-themed boxers peeking out the top. I guess your would have had to have Victoria’s Secret panties instead!

  2. That is so cool, I think I like Elf Day better than Christmas already, just wish I had known about it when my kids were little; as usual I am late, this time about 30 years…


  3. One of the things we do is the youngest of the family always gets the honor of putting Baby Jesus in the manger on Christmas Eve. It was my “job” growing up, and now it’s our son’s. It’s fun to look at the pictures of him doing it through the years—-each year he’s able to reach the manger just a bit better. This year he’ll be able to do it all by himself. : )

    Elf Day is a great name!

    1. That’s so sweet! It won’t be long, though, until he’s reaching DOWN for the manger instead of up. It seems like mine were in footie pajamas just last week!

  4. @Katie …. OK, since we JUST put out our Nativity,this makes me want to cry. (I’ll have pictures up soon). I love that story.

    Angie … you’ve been doing St Nicholas Day for as long as I can remember. I love it … and only wish I could get my act together and remember, too.

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