Statcounter is SO Entertaining!

I don’t look at my blog stats as often as I ought to.  I think about it once a month or so, and guiltily click over to see if I’ve suddenly become the next Pioneer Woman or if even my mom has stopped reading my blog.  The one part of Statcounter I always enjoy, though, is checking to see what keywords people have entered in search engines to land on my blog.  Evidently I am not the only one who wants to live on ice cream lately, because the most popular keyword I’m getting hits for recently is “homemade banana ice cream recipe“.  A close second is “steak rub“.  Obviously folks are in full summer food mode, and that’s great.  But after those two things deteriorate quickly.  I had hits on searches for “what size marshmallow fits 1/2″ PVC pipe” and “can an animal crawl into the toilet vent“, both of which probably netted the searchers the answers they were looking for.  But I suspect the people who searched for “cooking groundhog” and “rules on carpool line” were less pleased with what they found.  And the people who searched “patron saint of sleep” made me sad.  I feel their pain.  But it ended on a high note: there were a few searches for “Real Housewives of Kentucky“, so I may be getting that call from BRAVO after all 🙂

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