Stay at Home Vaca ~ First 24 Hours

I’m linking this post up to Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop using this prompt: We talk about mother’s guilt a lot…who needs it? Describe a good mom moment! I’ve actually had some awesome “mom moments” the last 24 hours, and I want to share them because they are all due to my having fabulous friends and family.

I’m taking some vacation time time this week to get back-to-school and off-to-college stuff done. Yes, I should have been doing it gradually throughout the summer, but I was kind of in denial of the fact that my sweet baby boys will be starting college and middle school this year. Yeah, I’m pretty good at this whole denial thing. “I’ll think about that tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day.”

I’d been texting back and forth with a friend just before I left work yesterday, and we ended up meeting for drinks after I dropped by the house to check in with the kids. We split a bottle of wine and talked and laughed and caught up on each others’ lives and I was having so much fun I didn’t even hear my phone ring in my purse. We were there for FIVE HOURS. We’ve known each other for over twenty-five years and we were sisters-in-law for most of that time, but we’ve really never had the opportunity to sit and talk without being distracted by young children and annoying family members. It was WONDERFUL. Then when I got in my car to head home I saw my husband had been calling my cell phone for hours. I had a moment of “mom guilt”, because I had truly intended to straighten the house, start the laundry, and have supper ready when he got home. I didn’t even know what time my eldest had to work that evening and if my being unavailable had made him late. I called home and my relieved husband answered. His only concern? I’d told the boys I was meeting their Aunt Kelley for drinks, but hadn’t told them where, and Michael was worried that Kelley and I were shit-face drunk and needed a ride home and he didn’t know where to come get us. Once he found out we’d only shared a bottle of wine and had eaten dinner while we were there he said, “You should do this more often.” Yep, we all need more mom moments like that.

Then this morning I logged on to my blog, only to see a big message that my Cutest Blog on the Block background was going to disappear in 48 hours if I didn’t reinstall it – EEK! I decided this was the perfect opportunity to do a re-design, so I did that, and since I was “in the zone” and no one else was awake yet I caught up on the first three days of the SITS Girls / ProBlogger Build a Better Blog in 31 Days Challenge. Then I emptied my Email Inbox AND my Google Reader. No, my kids don’t care what my blog looks like, but it makes me happy. And if it makes me happy, then it makes me a better mom. Another good mom moment.

Now get ready for something REALLY impressive. I compiled the lists of things Aaron needed for college, John needed for middle school, I needed for my niece’s upcoming bridal shower, and household needs in general, and John and I went shopping. Have you ever had to stop halfway through your list at Target to repack the cart so everything would fit? WOW! Four stops and the car was full and my bank account empty. John had been great the whole time, pushing the cart, lifting heavier boxes for me, and NEVER ONCE asking for anything extra. We even drove past Game Stop, his favorite store, and although he sighed and gazed longingly he accepted that we were on a mission. I let him choose the restaurant for lunch, and he picked Appleby’s. Gone are the days when McDonald’s is always first choice, thank God. While he ate the biggest order of nachos I think I’ve ever seen we chatted about everything under the sun. I had shortly before gotten a tweet from my friend Dianna that her two-year-old twin boys had behaved like little demons at the library and she was tearfully driving them home, and so would not be meeting us for lunch. Really, it seems like just a month or so ago I was dragging John out of story time at the library while he screamed like he was being flayed alive because I wouldn’t let him destroy the craft table and brutalize all the other toddlers. I made it through, so I can promise Dianna she will, too. Good mom moment 🙂

Throughout the day John and I were playing a game we always play when we’re in the car together. I’m a button-pusher and almost never listen to an entire song on the radio, because there just might be something better on another station. I have to check. I know, it’s a personality flaw, but it’s actually one of my less annoying ones, so I let it slide. Anyway, first one to get a song gets points: one for the name of the song, one for the artist. The Shazam app on the iPhone works great for this if all your pre-set radio stations don’t flash the title and artist across the display. You have to be fast in this game, though, because you have to name it all BEFORE anything pops up on the display. Usually we’re pretty evenly matched, maybe John’s even a little better than me because I never listen to the Alternative Rock stations and he’s actually a bit better at Classic Rock. Today I was A BEAST!! I was naming songs left and right on every station we hit. The last two I named before we got home were “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister and “Stand By Your Man” by Tammy Wynette. Do I have eclectic musical tastes or what? My crowning mom moment of the day!

Oh, and speaking of good mom moments, I’m one of the top ten finalists in The Mommyologist and Life Without Pink’s NOT Mom of the Year contest. Please vote for me!!

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4 thoughts on “Stay at Home Vaca ~ First 24 Hours”

  1. Courtesy I Mama Kat's workshop this week I ventured onto your site and just loved reading your Mom moments. These are what make the memories for everyone!

    Since one of your boys is about to go to school, I thought you would enjoy this memory I recently re-called about when I was dropped off at college. Please don't do this to your son! 🙂

  2. Stopping by from mama kat's. Loved reading about your mommy moments. WOW you got a lot accomplished in one 24 hour period. Makes me feel like a lazy slob! But, I am an empty nester now so I guess that makes it ok?

  3. I am now exhausted after reading your post ; )

    I, too, am participating in the SITS/Problogger challenge, and vacillating between encouragement and despair.

    On my way to vote for you (again) . . .

  4. Great moments! A son going off to college? Someday (probably much sooner than I care to realize) I'll look back on the day when I thought that would be an eternity away…Enjoy more of the 1/2 bottle of wine visits to recharge your mommy batteries 🙂

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