Still Counting My Blessings to Drown Out My Whining

— 1 —

Yep, it’s another Friday of counting my blessings so I don’t think about needing to replace both our air conditioner and Michael’s truck at the same time, and that financially our entire future is still up in the air until I get the results of my disability hearing.  Also, because of my neck pain, I’m going to be missing my eldest niece’s college graduation this weekend, which breaks my heart.  I do have lots of blessings to count, though!

— 2 —

Aaron and Catherine are busy and happy, finishing up their last year of college and preparing for all the exciting post-graduation possibilities out there 🙂  John keeps telling me how much he loves school, loves band, and is enjoying everything about his Freshman year in high school *huge sigh of relief*.

— 3 —

Michael has been exceptionally patient and supportive lately, although I’m sure most days he’s sure he’s married to a crazy woman.

— 4 —

Our extended family has been rock-solid this week.  Greg, my step-dad, took time from his busy week (which also included some medical testing that came out very well – YEAH!) to help us find the best deal on a new air conditioner.  My dad is truck-shopping for Michael, and Edie, my step-mom, came in and took me out for a pedicure.  Being house-bound has added to my stress, so that was especially fun!

— 5 —

My friends are always there for me.  Whether it’s late-night tweets with Lisa, lunch with Lisa, chats and texts with Wendy and Kim, or the dinner with friends that I’m looking forward to next week I feel like I’m surrounded by people who truly care about me and are willing to include me in their lives.

— 6 —

The weather this week has been a special blessing.  If I had to pick one week this summer to be without air conditioning this would be the one.  I get grumpy when I’m overheated, and I’ve managed not to snap at anyone except Time-Warner this week.

— 7 —

This one seems small, but it was a really precious moment.  I was sitting near a young couple and their little boy, and when the husband stepped away for a moment the little boy snuggled close to his mom and said, “When I grow up I’m going to marry you, Mommy.”  She just smiled and explained that she was already married to his daddy, who was her Prince Charming, and that the little boy would have to grow up and find his own Princess and be her Prince Charming.  It was so sweet I couldn’t help myself.  I turned to the mom and said, “Isn’t being a boy-mom great? Mine are twenty-one and fourteen and it just gets better and better!”  We laughed together as the mom tried to explain to her son that I was a mommy, too, but my babies were very grown up, taller than me.  He said, very seriously, “Those not babies.  Those mens!” Out of the mouths of babes.

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