Stop the Countdown!

— 1 —

I can’t take any more Christmas countdowns. It’s coming too quickly and I didn’t start early enough on my DIY stuff. It couldn’t be helped, though, because I didn’t run across the right things until after Thanksgiving. Maybe next year I can do better. It will involve spending more time on Pinterest and perhaps subscribing to a few more up-cycling blogs, but I can do that πŸ˜‰

— 2 —

Β To add to the stress level John is sometimes gone fourteen hours a day because of some Christmas thing at a neighboring church his band director volunteered the drum line for. Child labor laws were instituted to prevent this sort of thing, but now we all think it’s reasonable that our teens are chronically sleep-deprived because of extra-curricular activities or extra homework and projects in AP classes. I’m not buying into it. Teens actually need more sleep than adults. Some girls and all boys are still growing!

— 3 —

I was at my breaking point the other day when I’d cut tons of fabric and was ready to start sewing, then my sewing machine wouldn’t work. My husband, who’s never been within three feet of a sewing machine in his life, offered to look at it for me. It took him about five seconds to find the problem. At some point while it was sitting in the bottom of my closet the rod for threading a bobbin had been moved. Crisis and meltdown narrowly averted.

— 4 —

Believe it or not, I don’t have any Christmas decorations up yet. I like the house to be really clean before the decorations go up, because it’s impossible to clean while they’re up. But Michael’s been working seven-day weeks for months now, and I just can’t bug him about cleaning when he’s home. And I’m truly afraid of what would happen if I tried, since last time I tried a simple grocery trip (with John to help) I ended up using a cane for a week when I got out of bed, which was rarely. So the decorations may just go up over the dirt at the last minute. Who cares, anyway?

— 5 —

The most important thing is that Aaron and Catherine will be here for Christmas, and we get to meet their new dog, Tabby. Many cute pics will ensue!

— 6 —

I have a new favorite show. I’m totally addicted. It’s called Threads, and it comes on after Project Runway All Stars on Lifetime. It’s ten-twelve year-old kids designing and making clothes, and these kids are jaw-droppingly amazing. They get to bring an adult assistant with them, but only one kid so far has actually had a parent who sews professionally. One poor girl’s mom hot-glued her zipper shut, but the kid fixed it and won!

— 7 —

Lastly, Michael and John informed me the other night that neither of them would vote for me if I ran for public office because I’m too extreme. Can you believe that? I have some wonderful ideas, but if I can’t carry the vote in my own household perhaps I’d better re-think my platform.

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