Summer Food

“Could you use some zucchini/tomatoes/cucumbers/corn?”  These are words a non-gardener like myself just loves to hear.  I’m doing well with the basil I have growing in my Earth Box, so I’ve been sharing pesto, but that’s about as much reciprocity as I’m capable of unless someone wants cutting of my nice healthy poison ivy plants.  The other day my next-door neighbors gave me two bags of veggies a family member had given them that they couldn’t use because they were leaving town for a few days – lucky me!  Being the dork I am, I immediately arranged them in a basket and took a picture.  That’s how much I love fresh, homegrown veggies.

And here’s what I made with them:

Benedictine Spread and a Pickle Pot from the cucumbers

Squash Casserole and Sweet Onion and Sausage Casserole from the zucchini and yellow squash.  (The Sweet Onion and Sausage Casserole doesn’t call for zucchini, but I always add it in, and usually some mushrooms, too)

Another friend gave me some hot peppers, and since my eldest son and I are the only ones who will eat peppers in pieces large enough to be identified we ate our fill and then I chopped what was left over and froze them in ice cube trays so I’ll have good peppers for recipes this winter!

I’m linking up to Capture the Everyday at Adventuroo today for the Summer Food prompt – stop by and share!

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11 thoughts on “Summer Food”

  1. If you re dork, then Im one too. I take picture of just anything. And zucchinis are my ultimate summer food, together with strawberries, watermelon and bbq 😉

    1. I seriously stalk my friends, neighbors, and co-workers who garden. A loud squeal and a brief happy dance will make sure they remember you every time something ripens!!

  2. I used to stay with my grandparents (who had an overly abundant garden) in the summers. And, they would pack my suitcase back for the airplane with cucumbers, zucchini and squash in every arm and leg hole. Must have been such an odd surprise for my parents every year.

    As a mom I hope she never missed one, washing it in the machine by mistake.

  3. I have made squash and zucchini everything I can think of this year. Green peppers and cucumbers seem to be the give-away of this week. I love when people give me veggies. I can’t wait for it to be tomato give-away week.

  4. I am me some zukes! I have never even heard of squash casserole though and am pretty excited to try it. Thanks!

  5. I love a good squash casserole.

    I wanted to let you know that I’m having a link-up on August 1 for meal planning made easy. You may want to link up because I bet you have some great ideas. Some of my latest posts have the details, but the goal is to make meal planning easy for August by having a lot of recipes or tips at our fingertips in one big link-up post. also, I’ve never hosted a link up before so I figured I would learn. Join me. Would love to have you link up.

    1. Thanks so much for the heads-up! I’ve got a couple of meal planning / freezer cooking posts in drafts. I’ll polish one up and post it in time to link up. I appreciate the invitation 🙂

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