Summer Is Coming

This week’s prompt for Capture the Everyday at Adventuroo is “Signs That Summer is Coming”.

I love iris. I think this one may have come from my sister-in-law, Marcia.  It’s right outside my kitchen window, next to the birdbath.  Seeing it makes me smile every morning.  If only iris could bloom all year.  I bought one called “Blue Suede Shoes” that’s supposed to re-bloom, but it never has 🙁

I started this climbing rose on my white picket fence, but it grew like gangbusters and had to be moved before it attacked the neighbors.  Now it grows beside the picture window at the front of our house.  Again, if only it could bloom all year!

These babies are Rainbow Knockout roses, and I bought a half-dozen of them as twigs through a gardening catalog.  They do bloom all summer, even though I neglect them badly.

My long-awaited plants from the school plant sale fundraiser.  I bought a fern (sorry, no pic), several herbs, five salmon geraniums, and six yellow million-bells.  It sounds like I had a specific plan when I ordered those, doesn’t it?  It’s a shame I have no idea what that plan was.   Oh, well, I’ll figure it out sooner or later!

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13 thoughts on “Summer Is Coming”

  1. You are way ahead of me. I’m still killing weeds. I too love Iris. The yellow ones planted next to the house were planted by your great grandmother when I was a child, and have come back every year. God planted the weeds and they come back also.

  2. BEAUTIFUL flowers!!! I’m jealous… I have a purple thumb. Last year, we managed to grow mint, rosemary & thyme, and I’m looking forward to getting those going again this year… but flowers and veggies are always a big fat #FAIL for this chic. Good for you for keeping them pretty.

  3. You have a serious green thumb – those flowers are rad! And, if I were your neighbor, I would totally welcome a climbing rose attack. Free beauty and all.

  4. I have recently become obsessed with plants now that we live in California and the soil and sunshine make up for my black thumb. What catalog are you ordering from? I have only ordered from Springhill Nursery.

  5. Beautiful flowers! If you haven’t done this already and if you still need ideas for combinations, we have a lot of container recipes on, just search for container recipes.

  6. What a great way to wake up this morning! I love all the colors. I just planted some hot pink geraniums in my yard and love to see that pop of color as I drive down my street. How long have you had your knock out roses? I’ve been considering some of those myself. Thanks for the early morning smile.


  7. Gorgeous! I love iris too…we had some, but the soil by our house is horrible. We just do potted flowers in the summer now. : ( Beautiful pictures. I will say, my lilacs are going crazy this year!

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