Swamp People on My Garage

— 1 —

It’s been wonderful having Aaron home for Spring Break this week, except that he hasn’t felt so great.  I think it’s just Springtime in the Ohio Valley crud, thankfully.  When you live here full-time you get used to not being able to breathe, to having your sinuses full of something besides air.  It’s just how we roll here.  But he’s been breathing fresh mountain air at college, so coming home was a bit of a shock to his airways.  Of course it doesn’t help that Sam is shedding her winter coat and fur ball tumbleweeds are blowing around my house no matter how often I vacuum.

— 2 —

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter I had a very interesting day last Friday.  My next-door neighbor hired the guys from Swamp People to take down a tree in his yard that was about a foot away from our garage.  They’d told us about it, we’d said okey-dokey, but we didn’t realize this would involve the trainee guy standing on our garage roof while his boss yelled instructions to him.  The first problem is we have no idea why our garage is still standing.  We don’t put anything of value in it, because we’ve been expecting it to fall since the day we bought the house eighteen years ago.  So I was understandably concerned when I looked out the window and saw a camo-clad guy standing on its tilting roof with a chainsaw while another camo-clad guy yelled, “Hold the chainsaw in one hand and the limb in the other!”  It was a stressful couple of hours, but the garage is still standing, so I’ve decided that’s where I’m going in case of Zombie Apocalypse, since evidently nothing is taking it down.

— 3 —

I’m doing Melissa Culbertson’s ContentBrew class this week, and it’s awesome.  If you blog at all about anything I can’t recommend it highly enough.  I feel so much more organized, I have plenty of new blog post ideas, and I’m going to be using Facebook and Twitter for more than just chatting with friends from now on!

— 4 —

We’re in the final week of my writing group’s annual challenge, and I’ve really been pushing myself to be productive.  I don’t know if I can keep up this pace, but I’m going to try.  My timer is my friend.  I can do anything for fifteen minutes.  And I can do anything with the support of this fabulous group of women who are brilliant, funny, and totally accepting of my dorkiness.

— 5 —

I finally read The Hunger Games.  I’d put off reading it because everyone had said how awesome it was, and I didn’t want to be disappointed.  I actually read it at one sitting.  Well, sitting, standing, lying down, pacing.  It was a really bad night pain night and all the pain pills, muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatories, heating pads, and cold packs in the world weren’t going to get me any sleep . . . so I read.  It was fabulous.  Now my thirteen-year-old is reading it and we’ll go see the movie when he’s off for Spring Break.

— 6 —

I finished a novena to St. Joseph on his feast day Monday.  I lucked into being able to time it just right, and I feel good about it. We’ll see.

— 7 —

Today’s the day of an important maternity photo shoot.  Not just any photo shoot, mind you, but one where the photographer is my fabulous daughter-in-law-to-be, Catherine, and the subject is the lovely Dianna Kennedy, whose birthday is today!!!  Pop on over to her blog, The Kennedy Adventures, or to Twitter, where she’s @diannakennedy, and wish her a happy birthday!

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2 thoughts on “Swamp People on My Garage”

  1. #2 makes me think of the line “Hey, hold my beer and watch this!” And #5… I know, right? I’m so glad you finally succumbed 😉

    1. Yeah, it was totally a “Hold my beer” experience. I wish I would have videotaped it, but I swear I was afraid someone was going to die. And I bought my eldest the second Hunger Games book on Kindle but made him promise to lend it to me as soon as he finishes it 😉 He says it’s awesome, so the waiting is killing me!

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