Swap Those Plants! ~ Penny Pinching Wednesday

If you move fast there’s still time to divide up some plants to use in other parts of your yard or to swap with friends. I love to pore over plant catalogs and browse the area nurseries, but I have more of a “plant swap” pocketbook. These beautiful nandina bushes originally came from my husband’s aunt’s yard in Alabama. They were little “volunteer” plants that made the trip here in styrofoam to-go cups and now they are some of my favorites – beautiful all year. Divide up some hostas or iris, trade for some spring-flowering bulbs like daffodils, crocus, or grape hyacinth. Check and see if you have sedum, lily-of-the-valley, or daylilies that are spreading too far or getting crowded. Trade them for some mint – anyone who has mint in their yard will be THRILLED to share with you! Offer plants to everyone you run into. They’ll remember you when they have plants to share, and those free hostas will look just as beautiful as the $10 a pot ones at the nursery! Check out all the great frugal tips every Wednesday at The Thrifty Home.
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One thought on “Swap Those Plants! ~ Penny Pinching Wednesday”

  1. Great tip. I enjoy so many plants that have come from my mom, grandma, and neighbors. I love my parsley from my mom every time I cook.

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