Swing Dog on a Three-Day Weekend

There are so many thing I love about days off. The first, of course, is not getting up at 3am. Today I lounged in bed until six, and I still have plenty of quiet time before anyone else gets up. They all look like this
and will until noon if I don’t wake them up. I get to eat leftovers from last night’s dinner for breakfast, play on Facebook, blog, and drink sweet tea in the backyard swing – AHHH! Sam lies at my feet when I’m on the computer, gazes longingly at my plate while I’m eating, and joins me on the swing, although from the look of that yawn she’d really rather be back in bed. What a good dog!

It looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous day, so I think I’ll get some laundry going and hang it outside to dry. It’s Old Guy Band Day at my house this afternoon, and if I try to use the washer or dryer in the basement the overhead mics in the studio pick it up, so my motives are not ENTIRELY environmentally friendly. Then maybe some time at the pool with “the child formerly known as Jack” and cooking something really sinful for supper. I’ve got a stack of good books to read, Book Club with the girls tomorrow, and I’m charging up my phone for long chit-chats with both Kim and Dianna. This is going to be a fabulous weekend!

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