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I am addicted to Pinterest.  I’ve found the most wonderful recipes, frugal tips, inspiring quotes, decor ideas, and landscaping projects.  And, of course, craft ideas.  I’m not really crafty, but if there’s an easy way to make something attractive and useful out of something I’m about to throw out I’m all over it.  This craft is a perfect example.  I saw a pin about making a flower out of an old Tshirt.  Unfortunately, once I tracked down the original site of the pin it was in Spanish and I couldn’t get my computer to translate it properly.  There were pictures, though, and it looked similar to the flowers I used to make out of tissue paper as a kid.  Remember those?  OK, play along here for a minute and watch how easy this is and then I’ll tell you why I think this is worth a few minutes of your time.

Grab an old Tshirt.  It doesn’t matter if it’s got stains or bleach spots, even a few holes are OK.  If it’s been washed so many times you can read the newspaper through it that’s even better, it will have a softer, fluffier look at the end.  Cut off the bottom hem and then cut strips about 2 cm wide all the way up to the arms.  I used pinking shears because someone has once again stolen my good fabric shears to cut cardboard or styrofoam or something ridiculous, but I’ll track that child down later.  Use whatever you can find.


I started with a men’s medium shirt, cut it up one side and ended up with about sixteen strips cut horizontally, which made two nice full flowers.  I wound the strips around my hands (try both loose and tight – you’ll get different-looking results).

*OK, I totally forgot to take a picture of this step.  Just wrap it around your four fingers, not your thumb.  If you want a smaller flower, just wrap it around three fingers.*

Then I tied each one in the middle with a strip I cut from the arm of the Tshirt.  Tie it as tightly as you can and triple knot it.

Then start gently pulling the layers of fabric apart to form a ball.  This is when you’ll remember doing this with tissue paper when you were a kid.


Once everything is pulled out and looking somewhat spherical you can either trim off the long edges and call it done, or you can wash and dry it to get it to curl a bit more.  It gives the flower a tighter, more textural look then the ones that hasn’t been washed. See?  The one on the left was washed and dried, the one on the right was not.

Now, on to the important question:  Why should you bother doing this?  Well, I’m going to use these as bows for Christmas gifts this year on fabric-wrapped gifts.  Super-cute and eco-friendly, right?  You could also use then to dress up a plain brown paper wrapped package, you could attach them to headbands or ponytail holders for little girls, tie them to a luggage handle to identify your checked luggage, or make your dog’s collar look festive.

Sam really wasn’t happy about this, but since she’s the only other female in the house I didn’t give her much of a choice.  I’m thinking these would be especially cute with yard-sale or thrift store Tshirts that are patterned or tie-dyed and can be bought for a quarter.

I’m VERY excited about Julie at Dutch Being Me’s 52 weeks of Pinterest, where we are encouraged to actually DO one of the things we’ve pinned.  You can bet I’ll be showing up there every week to get helpful hints!

I’m also linking this up to the Monday Craft Linky Party,  Made by You Monday, The Mommy Club: Resources and Solutions, and Whatever Goes Wednesdays at Someday Crafts. Drop by and see what everyone’s up to!


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4 thoughts on “T Shirt Flowers”

  1. These look super easy, and cute! I bet you could use old stained kids’ t-shirts for a headband or gift. I also love the idea of sewing the flowers onto the shoulder of a t-shirt for that trendy, ruffled look. I’m going to have to try this! Thanks!

  2. I LOVE the idea of using these on Christmas packages. I like to wrap my presents in brown paper with ribbon (reusable ribbon so less trash). Now, I’m trying to remember if I have any Christmas colored t-shirts I can cut up. I can’t wait to see your wrapping come Christmas time. Be sure to share!!

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