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Getting Ashes

I love Ash Wednesday.  I love Lent.  When I was going through RCIA in preparation for joining the Catholic Church many years ago Lent was such an intense, emotional time for all of us in the group that its magic still grips me.  From fasting on Ash Wednesday and having my forehead marked with ashes from last Palm Sunday’s burned palms to the Easter Vigil I savor it all.  The music of Lent touches some deep part of my soul.

Every year I try to give up something meaningful for Lent, something that will make a difference in my life and leave a void for God to fill.  Last year I gave up caffeine, which was huge considering I was still getting up at 3:15 every morning for work.  One year I gave up novels, my intention being that I would read more inspirational and self-help books.  That was probably my most difficult year.  One year I did “forty bags in forty days” as a way to clear the clutter from my home and my life.  That went very well.  This year I’m giving up all alcohol and sodas.  I shouldn’t drink with the medications I’m on, anyway, and the diet sodas I drink are full of chemicals my body doesn’t need.  I’ll replace them with water, and take a step towards improving my general health.  It’s not a lot to give up, so I’m also setting aside extra time every day for prayer, and I’m going to attend the Stations of the Cross every other Friday.

And I have to admit, on a completely non-spiritual note, that I love a good fish fry 🙂


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