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Why Ash Wednesday Falls When It Does

Ash Wednesday is March 1st this year. For those readers who really don’t care about when Ash Wednesday or Easter fall this year (or any year) this may come in handy someday as cocktail party chatter. For others, It’s a menu-planning guide, a social calendar, and a second chance at behavior modification if that whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing didn’t go so well. There are actually two calculations that are used to create Ash Wednesday.

In 325 A.D. the Council of Nicaea set the date of Easter as the Sunday following the paschal full moon, which is the full moon that falls on or after the spring equinox. In practice, that means that Easter is always the first Sunday after the first full moon that falls on or after March 21. Easter can occur as early as March 22. We know that Easter must always occur on a Sunday because Sunday was the day of Christ’s Resurrection. But why the paschal full moon? Because that was the date of Passover in the Jewish calendar, and the Last Supper (Holy Thursday) occurred on the Passover. Therefore, Easter was the Sunday after Passover.

Then there is the length of Lent. From the earliest days of the Church, Christians have desired to prepare for the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection at Easter through a period of fasting and prayer that mirrors the forty days that Christ spent in the desert at the beginning of His ministry. But there was one little hitch: Because Sunday is the day of Christ’s Resurrection, from the time of the Apostles on fasting has been forbidden on Sunday.

We’ve whittled it down over the years in our culture to mean “no meat on Fridays, and give up something for Lent”. So most people give up sweets, alcohol, TV, or whatever. Then they go to a big fish-fry on Friday nights! Lent is kind of a party season where I live. Every Friday night the lines at all seafood restaurants are out the door, and churches that have fish-frys are bombarded, and the neighbors complain their driveways are blocked.

But Lent isn’t really another chance to give up something bad for you. It’s an opportunity to do penance for your sins. Of course children, the elderly, the ill, and pregnant women are excluded. Since my conversion to Catholicism as an adult I’ve given up something different every year. The hardest year was when I gave up novels. I detest non-fiction. Within a week I was all twitchy and reading shampoo bottles. Seriously. I’d see a novel by an author I liked on a patient’s bedside table and the doctor I was rounding with had to practically drag me out of the room. But I realized how much time I spent reading fiction.

This year I’m pulling out the big guns. I’m fasting for the forty days of Lent. I will take dietary supplements, but I will only consume liquids. I have a lot to atone for this year. Ask anyone. “Sweet Angie” has been in hibernation. I’m being honest, authentic, genuine with everyone. That means no filter. I suspect it comes from being in constant pain that only increases as the years pass. And probably the stress of being a breadwinner who hasn’t won any bread in several years and is thereby only a financial liability to everyone I care about.

So if you want an honest answer about anything I’m the person to ask. Just check with my pharmacy and my primary care doc’s office. Someone dropped the ball, and I really didn’t care who. I just wanted the massive dose of blood pressure medication I’d been without all weekend called in and filled before I had a stroke. I got that accomplished, but not without multiple phone calls and me spending my entire day in bed.

There are wonderful things coming up this spring! My granddaughter will be born in April, my youngest child will graduate high school in May, and sooner or later I’ll get a hearing with a judge and hopefully I won’t have to worry about keeping a roof over our heads or keeping the power and water on!

So when I get ashes Wednesday it will be a symbol of me giving myself over to God. I will fast and I will pray. Pray More Novenas will be sending out a prayer daily if you don’t have one planned. I’ll be praying for my family this year. They are undergoing a lot of change. Positive change, but change nonetheless. And change is stressful. This Lent, make a positive change for yourself!




— 1 —

Anyone who doesn’t get the David Bowie reference in the title needs to go search it on YouTube. I’m not giving you the link, because everyone should know the song. Just like you should be able to name the Beatles.  If I had my way, those would be the sort of questions they’d ask adults when assessing orientation after a car accident, after surgery, whatever. Don’t ask me what my name is, because it’s not what’s on my wristband. Don’t ask me what day it is, because it doesn’t matter unless it’s Sunday. (I like to watch the Walking Dead live.) Don’t ask me who the President is because I’m likely to rant, no matter who’s in office at the time. I just think I could do it better.

— 2 —

 For the next several months it doesn’t even matter if it’s Sunday, because last Sunday was the Walking Dead finale. Don’t think I’m being blasphemous here, it’s just that since Catholics can go to church on Saturday instead of Sunday it’s not like Sunday is always “church day”. John (my 16yo) and I bond over The Walking Dead, and then The Talking Dead. Chris Hardwick rocks, and I think he should have an after-show for every really intense TV show that airs. Seriously. If there’s someone who needs to be cloned, it’s Chris Hardwick.  We probably need one for each state. The Kentucky one would currently be interviewing my mom about UK basketball.

— 3 —

Michael and I set up a new checking account this week. That may not seem like a major thing to many people, but we’ve had the same account with the same people since we moved to Louisville in May of 1988. Thank goodness the lady we talked to had a sense of humor! We’d been with a credit union, which is just fine, but there are some things a credit union can’t do. So we set up our new account, and it’s probably going to take a week to think of every automatic payment or anything else linked to that bank or those debit cards we need to switch over. Thank God for PayPal and their student cards, or we’d be sending John off to New York with only cash. It’s a Spring Break band trip, and they are going to play in Carnegie Hall as well as see a Broadway play. My sons are so much more well-travelled than I am, and I’m glad they are!

— 4 —

I try not to ramble on about Nerium here, but I’m just so proud of our whole team. My sponsor earned her Lexus and got a big bonus, one of my Brand Partners ranked up and got a bonus, and both of my other Brand Partners got their products free for the second month in a row! Oh, and I ranked up twice, earned two bonuses, and amongst several others took one order (literally) in my sleep.  Michael is finally convinced this was a good idea! BTW, our next rank-up will include a Lexus. I’m not much of a car person – if it gets me from here to there and the radio works I’m fine – but I took a few for a “test-sit” and I swear they’re as comfortable as my bed!

— 5 —

I love Spring and Fall, but after four cervical spine surgeries my neck does not. It’s been a tough week pain-wise. Thankfully, when I went to my doctor to get my prescription and we were chatting about dogs, as usual, I mentioned my hot flashes. Mind you, I was just making conversation. I have a GYN I talk to about that sort of thing, and I have no intention of taking any hormone replacement since my mom had a mastectomy and chemo after a nasty breast cancer. But he was all excited, and gave me a month’s worth of a non-hormonal treatment for hot flashes. I told him my husband might be stopping by to kiss his feet if it worked. Poor Michael’s about to lose fingers and toes to frostbite at night while I’m still sweat-soaked and panting like a dog. I’ll keep you updated.

— 6 —

I follow Wendi Aarons on Instagram, and according to her it’s beautiful in Austin, Texas right now. Gorgeous bluebells blooming everywhere. Of course I wouldn’t know, since my eldest is not responding to my or Michael’s texts. I got a lovely response from his sweet wife, Catherine, and I’m sure I’d get a response from my grand-dog, Tabby if she had opposable thumbs. I follow her doggy daycare on Facebook in hopes of catching a glimpse of her. I’ve also seen tweets from Aaron, just not to me. So I assume he’s alive and well, but who really knows? #bitchymom

— 7 —

Everyone have a wonderful, happy Easter! It’ll just be me and Michael this year since John’s on his way to New York and Aaron and Catherine are in Austin. Maybe I’ll bake some dog treats, put them in eggs, and let Sam and Boss have an Easter Egg hunt! Or maybe we’ll just sleep in and watch Jesus Christ Superstar. ARGH! Previews of the empty nest to come!

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Celebrate Easter!

Whatever your religion, this is a time to celebrate.  For Christians, it is the day Christ rose from the tomb.  For other religions it has other meanings, but we should all be celebrating something, if nothing else than that the seasons are starting to change.

boss stuffed bunny

Stuffed bunny?  What bunny?

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