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Reviewing Books and Netflix

Eclectic. That’s probably the best one-word definition of me as a person. My moods, my tastes, everything. Never assume I will like or dislike something. I think I broke my Pandora station. At least three of them. So read the whole post or risk missing something you’ll really love.

I didn’t expect another season of Orange is the New Black. Seriously, what can follow a full-season prison riot? But somehow, miraculously, they did it. And they didn’t jump the shark – not even close. Not saying any more. #nospoilers

The Blue House. It’s a memoir. It’s inspirational. I’m not usually a fan of books that mention scriptures and leave me to look them up myself (Yeah, I’m aware SLOTH is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. It also makes for a cute stuffed animal.) This is different because the memoir it so compelling. I read the first half in one sitting because I couldn’t pull myself away – it’s that good. This was a gift for which I’m incredibly grateful. Sometimes another person knows what you need better than you do. Trust them enough to give it a shot – I’m sure glad I did!

GLOW on Netflix. I grimaced every time I saw the picture advertising the series I cringed. Women’s wrestling? No, thanks. I saw enough of Hulk Hogan and his ilk when I was still living at home and my younger brother was an addict. Then I heard it was from the creators of Orange is the New Black. I decided to watch as much of the first thirty-minute section as I could take. It cracked me up. The hair, the makeup, the outfits, the choreography, everything. Then the story-line pulled me in – very much against my will.  I already know what the coolest adult costumes will be for Halloween this year!

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