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Ten Reasons I Love My Kindle (AKA “Kenny”)

1.) I am never without a book.  Have you ever waited longer than you thought in a doctor’s office, finished the book in your purse, and had nothing else to read?  Or maybe just been unable to fall asleep after … Continue reading

10. May 2011 by Angie
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Say Hello to My Little Friend

I’ve been stalking, I mean reading the “Capture the Everyday” meme on Adventuroo for a while now.  I love it because I’m one of those people who zeros in on the background items in old pictures.  You know:  “Check out … Continue reading

07. April 2011 by Angie
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A Reader’s Dilemma

I love to read.  I read constantly.  I’m always on the hunt for a new book, or even better, a new author.  I read my favorites over and over.  So here’s the problem. Later this month I am going to … Continue reading

02. April 2011 by Angie
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