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Neck and Back Pain 101

I felt guilty for years after my four-surgeries-within-two-years for having constant pain. I thought I was supposed to be “fixed”. Yes, I was a nurse, but I was clueless about neurosurgery. I was a cardiology nurse. If I’d had a heart attack I’d have been giving my cardiologist suggestions during my stent placement. Seriously, I would have.

But I was nearly as uneducated as a non-medical person since it had been more than twenty years since I’d studied neuro-anything. So I trusted my docs. #mistake  Always ask for a second opinion for any surgery unless it’s an emergency. Here’s why:

This is an example of a ball the weight of an adult head held in place with a normal cervical (neck) curvature. Reach back right now and feel how much your neck curves between your shoulders and skull when you are looking straight ahead. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

That’s quite a curve, isn’t it? Kinda like this:

Not a perfect example, but probably accurate if you’re looking up at a kiddo on a swing. With a normal cervical spine. Not hard to hold that ball, right? A bit lighter than the lightest kids’ bowling ball. Move your hand around a bit and you could hold it in your hand all day, right? Especially if it’s permanently attached to your palm.

But here’s what it looks like when you have three vertebrae fused together with enough hardware to make an X-ray tech say, “Oh, wow!” (C4-C6, for me)

Do you see how difficult it is for me to even sit upright? Want me to walk and hold my neck like this with increases in pressure each time I take a step?

Consider this the next time someone tells you they have back or neck pain. I now have moderate scoliosis because the rest of my spine is trying to compensate for the rigidity of my neck.

What are the other co-morbidities of constant, chronic pain? Depression. Opiate use/addiction (I’ll address this in a later post), Isolation, Increased risk of suicide, Obesity (who can exercise?), and many other illnesses.

*HUGE thank-you to my chiropractor for the visual a couple of years ago, and for his staff member for posing for the pics last week! A picture truly IS worth a thousand words in this situation.*

This Crazy Roller-Coaster Week


— 1 —

School is finally over for the year. John is officially a Senior! And Band is officially over until college, for which I could not be more thankful. Love those kids, band kids are the best! But since so many of them won’t be returning to the band next year I have a feeling I’ll still be seeing a lot of them. One of John’s last projects was this video, shot at a friend’s house. John’s the clean-shaven one with darker skin and lighter hair.

— 2 —

I found a new chiropractor, and he’s awesome.  He’s passionate about his work and his patients, and he has the most brilliant analogies he uses to explain things. My favorite so for is the head as a ten-pound ball held up by your hand. Grab a ball and do this. As long as your wrist stays curved it’s not that hard to hold onto the ball. Now straighten out your wrist as if someone had, say, screwed metal plates into your wrists and made it perfectly straight.  Really hard to do, right? That’s me, just trying to hold my head upright. And my X-rays also show moderate lumbar scoliosis. Who develops scoliosis at forty-nine? I guess I’m special. But we ended up crying together on my second visit, so we’ve bonded. If you’re in the Louisville, KY area his name is Drew Anderson.

— 3 —

Finally, after all these years, I went to a chronic pain support group.  I don’t know what I expected, but it certainly wasn’t the enthusiastic, welcoming, positive group of people I met. I’m only sad they just meet once a month!

— 4 —

I’m totally conflicted about the mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead, which I finally watched yesterday.  Nick is such an amazingly complex character. I’m looking forward to August, but I probably need until then to process it all in my mind and be ready for whatever’s next.

— 5 —

This baby withdrawal is really bad. I need my friend Lisa and her family to return immediately from vacation. I need someone to sit in my lap and listen to a book and someone smaller to let me feed him his bottle. I suspect if I go door-to-door in the neighborhood with these requests I’ll end up needing to be bailed out pretty quickly.

— 6 —

With school ending I guess this has been our week to catch up on DVRd TV shows. All three of us watched the premier episode of The Preacher on AMC. We all agreed we were very confused, but intrigued. And thank you, AMC, for adding “Talking Preacher” for the next episode. I’ll clearly need that. If you haven’t seen it yet try to find it On Demand or stream it. I can best describe it as a combination of Men in Black, Pulp Fiction, and True Blood with Chuck Norris in the starring role. Oh, and a great soundtrack: Willie Nelson, Carlie Simon, and Johnny Cash! By far the best actor in the whole cast is a little boy in the congregation who wants the preacher to beat up his father for abusing his mother. He only has maybe four lines, and his face never changes, but his delivery when he says, “Pray for me, preacher”  – WOW! It was like Jack Nicholson was in this kid’s body. Incredible!

— 7 —

At the risk of over-sharing I just want to say I had my first Brazilian Wax today. It was quick and I was able to make conversation throughout. I thought for a quick second I’d lost a strip of skin in a tender spot, but then everything was fine. Tara at Elements salon in Middletown is fabulous. And she has a little room chock-full of handmade jewelry, soap, baskets, textiles, etc. I could probably do all my Christmas shopping there! I did forget to ask how often this typically needs repeating. Anyone willing to share?

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