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Reviewing Books and Netflix

Eclectic. That’s probably the best one-word definition of me as a person. My moods, my tastes, everything. Never assume I will like or dislike something. I think I broke my Pandora station. At least three of them. So read the whole post or risk missing something you’ll really love.

I didn’t expect another season of Orange is the New Black. Seriously, what can follow a full-season prison riot? But somehow, miraculously, they did it. And they didn’t jump the shark – not even close. Not saying any more. #nospoilers

The Blue House. It’s a memoir. It’s inspirational. I’m not usually a fan of books that mention scriptures and leave me to look them up myself (Yeah, I’m aware SLOTH is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. It also makes for a cute stuffed animal.) This is different because the memoir it so compelling. I read the first half in one sitting because I couldn’t pull myself away – it’s that good. This was a gift for which I’m incredibly grateful. Sometimes another person knows what you need better than you do. Trust them enough to give it a shot – I’m sure glad I did!

GLOW on Netflix. I grimaced every time I saw the picture advertising the series I cringed. Women’s wrestling? No, thanks. I saw enough of Hulk Hogan and his ilk when I was still living at home and my younger brother was an addict. Then I heard it was from the creators of Orange is the New Black. I decided to watch as much of the first thirty-minute section as I could take. It cracked me up. The hair, the makeup, the outfits, the choreography, everything. Then the story-line pulled me in – very much against my will.  I already know what the coolest adult costumes will be for Halloween this year!

Fab Five in Nine Lines.

I’m taking up Mama Kat’s challenge this week and writing a blog post in just nine lines!

Loved Tan at first sight – the epitome of class! And #thathair sigh

Karamo is so genuine – I’ll never believe his responses are scripted.

Bobby – Mr. unresolved issues. I want to bring him home for supper 🙁

Antonio – the quiet crier. I can SO relate.

Jonathan – I’m still on the fence here.
The hair-flipping in Season One made me want someone to push him out of the SUV. Better in Season Two, but he has to stop swishing. No one really behaves that way. Seriously.

LOVE that they are not limiting their makeovers to straight guys!

Netflix and Chill . . .

Teens and college kids are cringing right now. Kathy at Mama Kat’s Losin’ It has sweet young pre-teens, and probably had no idea what she was suggesting when she listed “Netflix and Chill” as a writing prompt! Neither did I until my youngest son enlightened me a while back.

If your significant other asks if you want to “watch Netflix and chill” this means their parents or roommates aren’t around and they want to get you alone and get frisky. I’m sorry to break that news to you, Kathy, but I wanted you to be prepared when your eldest adorable daughter comes home a few years from now and says she’s going over to a friend’s house on a Friday night to “watch Netflix and chill”. Just invite them to your house. Younger siblings are the best chaperones!

As far as truly binge-worthy Netflix series I’m pretty picky. There are some that are great in the beginning, but you must stop watching at the right point or it will be ruined for you when they jump the shark. Extra points for anyone who can reference the series and episode from which that phrase originated!!

I adored Atelier, a Japanese film about a new college graduate starting work at a very upscale lingerie shop. The culture fascinated me! And it’s very classy, not a Victoria’s Secret show.


I loved Glee, mainly because I can’t sing a note and have always wished I could!


Weeds is fantastic. With the way laws are changing it should be mandatory watching. Pot’s come a long way since it was just a few plants grown in the middle of a cornfield by rednecks.


House is brilliant. As a medical professional who worked my ass off in constant pain even on narcotics for two years I can relate. Handy health tips, too. I’ll never again use tap water in my netipot because I’m out of distilled water!


American Horror Story is fabulous because each season has the same people, but in radically different roles. I loved Stevie Nicks in the Witch season, and was blown away by Lady GaGa’s acting ability in the Hotel season – WOW!


I’ve watched Dexter until the “jumps the shark” point twice. The intro alone is riveting. Every. Damn. Time.


Breaking Bad. Best series ever. Period. Plus lots of handy tips for disposing of dead bodies and laundering money.


Of course that’s all taking into account that The Walking Dead is still running and, amazingly, hasn’t yet jumped the shark. They almost lost me when Negan murdered two of my favorite characters. Thank God for Talking Dead – I’d have stopped watching without that.

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