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Worst Morning Sickness Ever!

Not mine of course! I’m loving the Nonna life. I’d love it more if they lived next door, but technology being what it is I still get to see all the little day-to-day changes in Emma. Her eyes are blue like her Daddy’s, but they were so very dark early on that it was hard to tell without the right lighting. Now the color is starting to “star” out from her pupils, and it’s a lighter blue. Not at light as Aaron’s – a very intense, deep blue like the water you’d see from a Greek Isle. Babies are the reward for nine months of throwing up, being grumpy, and waddling to the bathroom every fifteen minutes. And that’s just if you’re lucky and have a normal pregnancy!

I have a friend who is expecting her third. She has two of the most amazing kids I’ve ever met. They are gorgeous, brilliant, loving, and off-the-charts clever at problem-solving. And they are only 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 years of age (approximately). I help out when their grandmother babysits for date-night weekly, and have done so since the youngest was about 4 weeks old. Lisa lives only about 5 minutes from her grand-kids, and gets pictures or videos delivered in the morning. So of course she drops by several times a week. This past date night she told me the latest development: Mama’s morning sickness has morphed into all-day sickness, and the kiddos are following her to the bathroom and making retching noises while she throws up!!

Can you imagine?? Darn good thing they’re so cute!

This one made me laugh until I cried, so I’m linking up to Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week.

How Do You Define Yourself? Part I

I had a very clear definition of who I was from a very young age.  I was told I was “smart” and “pretty”. I grew up in a rural area, so I could tell people who my parents and grandparents were and they knew all they needed to know about me. But then I needed glasses, and my grandmother insisted my short, baby-fine hair needed a perm. Since I was going through that gangly stage (which lasted way too long in my case) and my parents got divorced before any of my friends’ parents did I just hung onto “smart” for as long as I could, and let all the other insecurities build.

I made some new friends in Junior High, thankfully. I didn’t find out until years later that a “mean girl” in the worst possible sense had put a lot of time and effort into alienating me from my childhood friends. But the friends I made in Junior High hung with me into High School, when I finally got contacts. It certainly didn’t put me back in the “pretty” category, but I could pass for “smart and kinda cute” on a good day. I threw myself into any activity that would look good on a scholarship application and didn’t require any actual skill or coordination, because I knew early on that I had no marketable skills and no money for a college education.

I graduated 6th in a class of 600, and got a four-year full-ride scholarship to the University of Kentucky College of Nursing. There I was neither smart nor pretty, but just a name on the roster. A name that was actually misspelled on my diploma, which I had to pay to get fixed. That had to wait until my third or fourth paycheck as a nurse, which was how I defined myself for a couple of decades.

That and Michael’s wife, Aaron’s mom, then Jack’s mom. Then my youngest has his own bullying experience, after which he changed schools and wanted to be called John, his legal name, which he goes by to this day. Is it wrong that I still want to find the boy who bullied him and made his life miserable (with the full knowledge of the Holy Spirit School teacher, counselor, and principal) for tainting the nickname my son used for almost the first decade of his life? I could slowly cut out his tongue with a smile on my face, but it would be pointless since he’s probably bullied so many other people since then he doesn’t even remember my son. He’ll be arrested one day for raping an unconscious college girl and his parents will pretend to be shocked.

Long post, so wait for Part II tomorrow.

My First Twitterature Post

twitterature-graphic1I’ve been reading Anne’s Twitterature posts at Modern Mrs. Darcy for months now, as well as many of the bloggers who link up with her.  Every time I read it I think, “Oh, yeah, I’m gonna do that next month!” and then I promptly forget until the next month rolls around and I realize I have nothing prepped.  Well, not this month! Even though I didn’t remember to write short reviews of books as I read them during the past month I’m going to pull out my Kindle and wing it with a few . . . just to get in the habit.

Best book I’ve read recently and a must-read for all mothers of boys, no matter what age: Masterminds and Wingmen

By the author of the best-selling Queen Bees and Wannabes, this is a real-life, nitty-gritty look at the issues parents of boys face.  I devoured it like a box of Girl Scout Cookies.  And the best part was that it left me with the realization that I’m a pretty darn good parent, and have done a lot of things right instinctively.  I hate those child-rearing books that make every parent want to reverse time to conception and do every single thing different, don’t you?

I re-read an old John Grisham book, The Pelican Brief.

I haven’t liked much of his later work, but his early books still dazzle.  I’m going to re-read The Rainmaker soon.

Storm of Love – A Historical Romance Set During the American Revolutionary War

This was a Kindle freebie I downloaded because I fell in love with the cover, something I rarely do. It’s not even a genre I’ve ever read. But I enjoyed it.  It was very well-written and nicely paced.  However it also serves as a cautionary tale to self-pubbers out there: There were actual “notes to self” in this book.  I don’t know if the author uploaded the wrong version or what, but it was the literary equivalent of walking around with a booger on your nose.  Poor guy.

Silence, a YA book about a girl who hasn’t spoken in eleven years.

Yes, it’s a bit unbelievable that parents and teachers would just “work around” this sort of disturbance in a child, and even more so that she’d maintain a romantic relationship.  But somehow the author pulls it off – I stayed up late to finish it.

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