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2017 Resolutions and Prayers

2016 wasn’t a great year for me. There were some fantastic moments (like finding out I was going to be a grandmother!) but there were a lot more days full of frustration, anger, pain, and depression. I ran across my list of 2016 resolutions the other day and realized I hadn’t achieved any of them. With some I’d even moved further from my goals. So my 2017 plan will be completely different.

— 1 —

I will care my myself as I would a daughter, sister, or beloved friend. Remember the Golden Rule from Sunday School? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That’s great for little ones, but when we are adults we need to stop the negative self-talk. I won’t call myself fat, lazy, or selfish. I’ll think about what I would say to someone I loved if they felt that way. And I’ll pray for help seeing myself in a different light and making changes where I can.

— 2 —

I will accept my limitations. I can’t stand for more than fifteen minutes. I can’t sit for more than thirty. That’s on a good day. Taking a shower feels like what running a 5K used to feel like. I’ve got a new medication patch I’m cautiously optimistic about, but even with insurance it costs as much as a week of groceries. So I’m using it sparingly. My disease process is never going to get better, only worse. Hence the first word: Degenerative. I can only hope to slow it, because at the rate it’s going I won’t be able to bend my spine at all by the time I’m sixty. So I’m going to paraphrase St. Teresa and try to do small things with great love!

— 3 —

I will stay authentic. When I was having a bad day earlier this month I posted on FaceBook. Yes, I’m one of those people who shares both happy and sad moments on social media. I’ve been accused of “airing dirty laundry” on FB, but nearly all the comments I got on this post mentioned something about how “genuine” or “authentic” I was. There is no higher praise as far as I’m concerned. I refuse to be caught up in other people’s lies. Perhaps I have just worn out my filter after all these years working with doctors, but I enjoy being honest in all my interactions. Perhaps that will keep me from earning a Lexus selling Nerium with my husband, but I don’t think so. It may take me longer, but I know I’ll have earned it honestly and made no promises I can’t keep.

— 4 —

I will count my blessings. I keep a prayer journal, but in the warm months my entries are sporadic. If I feel up to it when the dogs want a potty break at 8 a.m. (my first pain med and muscle relaxer are at 6 a.m.) then I’ll stay up to check email, and perhaps have breakfast. But on a stormy or cold day I may need some time to make my way out from under the covers after seeing to the fur-babies’ needs. In the winter I always need my Happy Light, and that’s a great time to write in my prayer journal. Blessings I’m thankful for first, then prayers. I want to make this a habit every day, not just the hardest days.

— 5 —

I will continue writing. Again, it’s difficult with my physical limitations to write a blog post, let alone a novel. But I enjoy it, and it’s an outlet for my creativity. Hopefully once I’m ready to publish my books people will enjoy them. Being able to entertain others would make me incredibly happy!

— 6 —

I will become more organized. This one is going to take lots of prayers for patience on my part. Having my life, my home, and my thoughts disorganized is incredibly frustrating to me, and only worsens my depression. But spending hours sorting and dumping things, re-copying from one calendar to another, etc inevitably leads to me overextending myself and ending up writhing in pain in my bed for a day or two. Even after all these years I still need to use my timer every single day or I pay the price.

— 7 —

I will simplify my life. All the “stuff” that surrounds me is distracting and anxiety-provoking. Living simply will be easier, healthier, and much more rewarding in the long run. Yes, I’m going to finally buy the “tidying up” book that I’ve had in my Amazon inbox for forever. Or perhaps I’ll see how long the wait is at the library. That would force me to read it promptly to avoid late charges ūüėČ

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Plans ~ Saints and Scripture Sunday

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord.

Saints and Scripture Sunday

I ran across this scripture a couple of months ago and saved it in my Drafts folder, thinking it would be appropriate for a Saints and Scripture Sunday post at some point. ¬†I just had no idea how appropriate! ¬†As many of you know, I had surgery about a week and a half ago. ¬†I’d been planning for this surgery for a full two months, and thought I had everything covered. ¬†Meals were cooked and frozen, the house was clean, arrangements had been made, the dogs’ toenails were even trimmed. ¬†The¬†tornadoes¬†touching down all over our part of the country the night before my surgery should have clued me in, but I was still feeling smug and confident that I had it all under control. ¬†Then, thirty minutes into a surgery expected to last three hours, my husband looked up and saw my neurosurgeon walking across the waiting room toward him. ¬†“Houston, we have a problem.”

No, the surgeon didn’t say that, but I think it would have been clever. ¬†My husband would have passed out and my mother would have kicked the surgeon’s ass, but it would have been clever. ¬†Anyway, while rooting around in my neck getting ready to break out his Craftsman power tools and fix my cervical spine the surgeon had run across a tiny little area that looked like it might be a pocket of infection. ¬†He sent the suspicious goo to the lab, did some power washing, and chatted with some other guys who use power tools while dressed in scrubs. ¬†Long story short, I woke up to the news that my cervical spine was NOT fixed, and that I might be on IV antibiotics for as long as three months before I would be cleared to have the surgery I needed to relieve my pain.

So here I sit, a big incision in my neck, a central line in my arm, attached to some really vicious antibiotics three times a day for the next four weeks. ¬†Then, supposedly, we can try all this again, and after that the six-week recovery for the spinal surgery can begin. ¬†Yes, I had some “poor me” moments those first twenty-four hours, but I can’t help but see the humor in the situation. ¬†I can practically hear God laughing, saying, “That Angie, she just cracks me up! ¬†Can you believe after all this she still thinks she’s in control? ¬†That she can plan everything out and make things happen the way she wants them to?” ¬†So here’s my plan for the rest of this extravaganza: ¬†I’m gonna wing it. ¬†Seriously. ¬†Maybe for once I can just sit back and enjoy my life as it happens.

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