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Back to School is my Crack


— 1 —

The trip to North Carolina was much easier than I thought, but I overestimated the ease of my recovery. It was just delayed. I still ended up flat-out miserable and stuck in bed for about a day and a half. So still no plans to visit Austin 🙁

— 2 —

Counting the days until college move-in day for John. This is the latest in his stack of supplies:

Pretty cool, right? I was planning on just the clear ones, but it’s the only decor he’s seemed excited about, so I’ll let him take it up with his roommate.

— 3 —

There have been way too many out-of-pocket expenses for a student who supposedly had a “full ride” scholarship. And way too many things that John should be taking care of that Michael or I have been doing at the last minute to meet deadlines. Procrastination makes me a nervous wreck, so he’d better pull it together since we won’t be getting email updates like in high school.

— 4 —

Michael started Nerium‘s new Youth Factor superfood and antioxident boost powder. I eat a healthy diet, but Michael’s never met a veggie he liked. Within FORTY-EIGHT HOURS he felt a difference, which is an incredible result for my favorite pessimist. He’ll be on this long-term, because with no signs of excess vitamins or minerals coloring his urine he’s absorbing all of this!

— 5 —

I know I’m way behind the times, but I’m addicted to having Pandora playing while I’m doing mindless activity (sorting email, checking FB, etc). I’ve been on a Stevie Nicks kick lately, and it’s been very calming.

— 6 —

John teases me that “Back to School is my crack” and he’s like 99% right. Especially for college. Here’s John’s first aid kit.

I made a similar one for Aaron his Freshman year and as far as I know it lasted until graduation.

— 7 —

I do understand that part of my love of assembling Back to School supplies is that I’m a #boymom and pretty much as long as nothing is pink, teal, fluffy, sparkly, or has kittens on it they don’t care.

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