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WHY Do You Wear the Bra You Wear?

no more underwires
This is me. No bra. OK, I put on band-aids because the tank is white and the first pic looked a bit. . . tacky. I’m holding underwire bras I spent a small fortune on over the years because I thought I was supposed to. I’m forty-nine, I’ve breast-fed two children, and I’ve lost seventy pounds in the past eight months. Even before the weight loss I had stretch marks and my nipples pointed South.

But I’ve always despised underwire bras. We’ve all seen the commercials since childhood. Bras should lift, separate, add a cup size, look smooth under T-shirts. But they should also be incredibly comfortable, so comfy you’d happily wear it eighteen hours. The straps shouldn’t dig into your shoulders, nor the underwires into your ribs. And of course they will make you look and feel sexy, powerful, and confident. Anyone have a bra like that? Nah, me neither.

And summer is coming up, which means tank tops. And if you don’t want people to see your padded-strap granny-bra you’ll have to throw a shirt over the tank. If you have cute bra straps you can let them show, but if you’re more than an A cup those cute little straps will leave not-so-cute red marks when you shift around.

So, I’ve been using Nerium Firm. When I was at 250 pounds I laughed at the very idea of putting this lotion everywhere that I wanted to firm up. I asked (as most people do) the price for a vat I could just step into. Even though my experience with Nerium’s Night Cream on my face was beyond what I’d thought possible Firm still seemed too good to be true. But there were all these cute little blondes, married moms, prancing around with perfect tans and no cellulite, telling me they’d had jiggly thighs last summer. So I decided I’d try it. I wanted to select someplace I could apply it easily, and that I could see without turning my neck. (I’ve had four spinal surgeries). I chose my breasts, and applied a bit of Firm daily to my breasts and the skin above them, up to just over the collarbone. Within a month my nipple line had risen a full inch! Can’t post those pics, of course, but I have them 🙂
So you don’t have to wear uncomfortable bras you start tugging off as soon as you get home. You don’t have to be in pain to look pretty! Give Nerium Firm a little time – how much depends on your age, the size of your breasts, and how often you can work Firm into your schedule (twice a day is ideal, but I’ve never managed that). Once you’re satisfied with your results just use it every other day or so to maintain “perkiness” and decide for yourself what you want to wear under your clothes! A sports bra? A lacy camisole? A tank with a shelf bra? I’ve been looking at the “bralettes” on Aerie, and they look both pretty and comfy. I’d love something without a back clasp (very painful for me to put on and take off) and with straps that are pretty enough that I won’t mind if they show.
aerie bralette
Maybe someday I’ll just go braless all the time. I’d like to reach the point, someday, when I’m comfortable enough with my body to do that. Not anytime soon. I don’t have the confidence yet. I’d feel like everyone was staring and whispering, “Oh, my word. That old woman went out without her bra! Her poor family!”

But for now I can say that I’m proud of my breasts. Perky, no stretch marks, and my husband of almost thirty years says they look better than when we were first married!

So, ladies, what are the bras that make you feel comfortable and pretty? Anyone tried the Aerie bralettes? Men, is it totally trashy for a woman to go out in public without a bra? I don’t mean with just a thin, gauzy white blouse and Daisy Dukes, but someone you didn’t immediately notice was braless?I suspect I have more female readers than male, so ladies, please ask the men in your life about this. You can have a lovely dinner out for the price of a nice bra these days! Just sayin’!

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