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Seven Quick Resolutions


— 1 —

It’s that time of year again, and although it’s been a few years since I actually made New Year’s Resolutions this seems an apt year for it.  I’ll start with what I’m doing right now – writing. I intend to write every day, be it blogging here or at MomPro or working on my current novel. My timer is my friend, and I’ll rack up writing time in fifteen-minute chunks.

— 2 —

 I read like a fiend, but not always what I need to be reading. This year I’ll finish one book per month that deals with running a small business or writing. I can do that lying down, so hopefully I can handle it on all but the worst pain days.

— 3 —

As always, I’d like to implement some sort of Fly Lady type cleaning and organizing schedule. My house is the perfect example of chaos, and even though there’s a lot I can’t do surely there are more things I can figure out a way to do. Having a cleaner house would dramatically decrease my stress level, so I’m going to figure something out 🙂

— 4 —

After scrambling right up until Christmas with hand-made gifts this year I will select and make at least one gift per month. Yes, those Pinterest boards are finally going to actually be used!

— 5 —

As my pain has increased my activity has decreased. And I’ve gained weight that I had no business gaining. I have to lose it to decrease the weight load on my lower back and help with my high blood pressure. I’ve even looked into gastric banding, but I’m not sure that’s the correct option for me because of my mobility issues. Anyway, I’m going to lose ten pounds a month no matter how it has to happen. That’s a huge goal even for someone who can exercise, but it’s a ‘go big or go home’ sort of situation.

— 6 —

I’m also setting big goals for my Nerium business with Michael. I’d like for us to find one new customer per week. Again, a big goal, but it’s such a supportive company and the products are beyond comparison (literally!) that I think it’s possible to make it happen.

— 7 —

My final goal is to get John to New York for his band trip Spring Break. The final payment due date will be coming up soon, so I’ll be doing any sponsored post I can get my hands on, searching for things to sell, and saying yet another novena for divine intervention.  He’s missed out on so much because of our financial situation, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to get him to New York to see a Broadway show and perform at Carnegie Hall with his best friends. 2015 will be better than 2014 for our family!

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Getting Better All The Time

— 1 —

This is a big week. Catherine (my DIL) had an important interview yesterday, and Aaron presents his capstone project today. They graduate very soon, and I can’t believe they’ve been away at college four years already! I’m so excited about the changes they’ll see in their lives as they reap the benefits of their years of hard work 🙂

— 2 —

John’s got some excitement going on as well – tryouts on Monday for the position on tenors for next year’s marching band that he wants so much and has been practicing hard to earn.

— 3 —

We had a wonderful Easter visit with Dad and Edie – my city dogs got to pretend they were farm dogs (except they were on long leads to prevent stupid and fatal mistakes) and we were able to sit and talk and laugh – something everyone needs more of. I got a second helping Wednesday night with a group of old friends, and then with Mom and Greg. Laughing until your face hurts is the way it ought to be done – and on a regular basis!

— 4 —

After long talks with my physical and mental health care providers I’m moving in a new direction in the management of my pain and my overall personal health. I’ll be blogging about it in the months to come, but right now I’m taking the painful “before” pictures and taking careful notes on my daily activity limits, symptoms, and pain levels. Here’s a link to an old report about the tools I’ll be using. It’s from before they were even being tested on humans, let alone available to the public!

— 5 —

My visit with my therapist was extremely productive this week – I just need to work a little harder on asking for and accepting help. I’m getting there, though!

— 6 —

I can’t do long walks, but short ones are irresistible this time of year, with the perfect weather and all the plants and trees blooming. One of by top ten regrets with my disability is that I can’t walk our dogs. When I borrow a dog, though . . .


Isn’t she adorable? Some of the other pics from this walk went into the “before” file – namely the ones Michael shot from behind me – YIKES!!

— 7 —

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More Than Just a Chiropractor


Have you ever met someone through completely random circumstances who ended up changing your life? That’s how I met my chiropractor. I wasn’t even looking for a chiropractor, since 1) I was a nurse who’d always heard chiropractors were charlatans, and 2) I’d had four cervical spine surgeries and thought letting someone manipulate my spine was nothing short of dangerous. But my meeting with Dr. Jeff LaGree was destined to happen.

My husband is a courier. He makes hundreds of stops a week, picking up and delivering various things. I can’t imagine the number of people he interacts with in the course of an average week. But one particular week he went into a chiropractor’s office for a new once-a-week pickup. It was a small office in the middle of a large industrial park – you’d really have to be looking for it to see it at all. There was no receptionist or assistant – just the chiropractor himself, who was in a hard cervical collar. You know, the kind that makes it impossible to move your head at all. After all my surgeries Michael couldn’t help himself – he asked what had happened. It turned out this guy had broken several vertebrae while racing his dirt bike, and was trying to get them to heal without surgery. Michael and I laughed at the absurdity of the idea, but every week I’d get a Dr. Jeff update.

Finally Michael came home and told me Dr. Jeff’s collar was off, he was doing great, and he wasn’t going to need surgery. He sheepishly admitted that he’d told Jeff all about me, and asked if I’d like to see him. I copied my most recent MRI, figuring Michael had played down how much hardware I was actually carrying around, and said, “Show him this, and if he still feels like he can help me make an appointment.”

From the moment I walked in the door I felt comfortable in Jeff’s care. I’ve gotten pretty skittish in the last few years, laying my cards on the table early about what portions of my health care I’m willing to change. I can’t remember Jeff’s exact words, but they were something along the lines of “removing obstructions so your body can work the way it needs to”. He managed to explain what he was planning to do in a way that I, as a nurse, didn’t feel talked down to, yet non-medical Michael understood completely. He was always honest about what I should expect, even when it was bad. He worked around our one-car schedule, and he never once called me Angela. (pet peeve of mine)

To be perfectly, brutally honest I believe that if I’d seen Jeff before my second surgery I’d never have needed my second, third, or fourth surgery (or all the treatments, procedures, therapies, and medications that went along with them). I think I’d still be working, and that my pain would be minimal. But Dr. Jeff isn’t just about fixing what’s broken. He’s a wellness advocate with a passion unmatched in any medical specialty. He selected dietary supplements for me and for Michael that made both of us feel more alert, have more energy, and need less sleep. I’ve met patients he’s helped lose weight, patients who have been in such poor health they’ve been in danger of losing their jobs feel like themselves again, and patients sent home to die improve enough to sit and eat Christmas dinner with their family. I’ve seen skin conditions dermatologists have thrown up their hands in despair at clear up, and even cancer patients end their chemo early. (Yes, I like to chat in the waiting room!)

Since he’s a chiropractor he’s an obvious choice for any neck, back, or joint problems, headaches, TMJ, or sciatica. But he’s also an excellent choice to talk to about your general wellness. With so many patients these days seeing multiple specialists for their COPD, heart disease, and diabetes as well as their internal medicine doctor, who’s just trying hard to pull everything together and chase a moving target wellness often gets lost in the shuffle. Why not talk to someone not just about treating the disease processes you are already battling, but protecting yourself from problems looming in your future?

If you are in the Louisville, Kentucky area you can schedule a visit by calling Lighthouse Chiropractic at (502)899-9540. He’s worth the drive if you need chiropractic services, or if you’re just too far away he may be able to recommend someone in your area who uses similar techniques and equipment. If you are in need of his wellness services he can ship the products you need anywhere in the world and work in conjunction with your primary care physician to get you to optimal health.

*This is not a sponsored post. I have gotten such exceptional care from Dr. Jeff LaGree over the past several months that I felt compelled to share my experience and encourage others to seek his care.

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