Ten Favorite Lunches

A week or so ago John asked if he could start taking his lunch to school instead of buying it in the cafeteria.   He’s not a picky eater and has never asked to take his lunch before, so I asked what was wrong with the school lunches and what he’d been eating since school started.  Well, I don’t know what sort of changes have taken place since last year, but this year he said they just “didn’t have anything good” and he’d been usually eating a roll and an apple.

Well, that explained why he was coming home hungry and lethargic every afternoon.  And since I knew I’d written at least two fifty dollar checks into his lunch account since school started in August those rolls and apples were looking a bit pricey.  So we sat down and discussed what foods in each food group he’d like to have at lunch: “No bananas, Mom.  I like them, but everybody makes crude jokes when people eat bananas.”  Well, I guess middle schoolers will be middle schoolers, huh?  So he took his lunch every day last week, said he felt better during school, and came home perky and not ravenous.

Aaron took his lunch all during high school because he, too, said the food wasn’t good, and that the lines were so slow and lunch periods so short that if he bought his lunch he wouldn’t ever have time to eat it.  So I started searching back through the blog, because I remember for a while I posted a recipe a week of things I was sending to school with Aaron.  If you want to see all of them type “lunchbag week” into the search box.  I evidently did thirty-six weeks of these posts!  Anyway, here are my ten favorites:

1. Crockpot Mac and Cheese for the thermos
 2. Special Turkey and Swiss Sandwich

3. Sorta Muffuletta

4. Arby’s Sauce for a Roast Beef Sandwich

5. Caesar Pork Sandwich

6.  Broccoli Tortellini Salad

7. Banana Peanut Butter Muffins
 8. Turkey Apple Sandwich

9. Ham and Swiss Wraps

10. Sweet Potato Salad
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4 thoughts on “Ten Favorite Lunches”

  1. This is just what the doctor ordered. My twins are moving into table foods and I’d run out of ideas for their daycare packs. I can easily adapt a lot of these meals for toddlers. Thanks for the ideas

    1. I really think planning lunches is harder than planning dinners. For adults going to work it’s easy-peasy – most people can take leftovers and microwave them. For kids it’s much more challenging.

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