Ten Gifts I’d Like for My Birthday. Or Christmas. Or Just Because I’m Awesome.

My eldest, Aaron, comes home late tomorrow for Fall Break. We’ll be celebrating his birthday while he’s here. He’s nearly always been hard to shop for, since he never went through a “gimme, gimme” phase. Now that he’s nineteen I don’t try to surprise him anymore. If money weren’t an object I’d buy him a fabulous new car, which he’d immediately disassemble and reassemble for fun. As I’ve been brainstorming ideas for his birthday I haven’t come up with a lot of ideas for him, but I have come up with a few for little ol’ me:


I know, how could you not want a giant metal chicken- right?   If you don’t follow the Bloggess you may not have heard the story of Beyonce, the five-foot-tall metal chicken.  Ever since I read it I’ve been obsessed with owning a large metal fowl.  Unfortunately, so has the rest of the world, so they’re not easy to come by.


I’ve always wanted a Newfie. And, of course, what I really need right now is another big dog I can’t walk, preferable one who sheds a lot and eats enough to feed a small herd of beef cattle.  But they’re so cute!

Source: ciracar.com via Angie on Pinterest


Every woman in her mid-forties wants a treehouse, right? No Botox, no sports car, this is my version of a mid-life crisis – an overwhelming desire for a treehouse.


A trip to Italy. This should include Venice, some time in the Tuscan countryside, and a visit to the Vatican.

Custom-built, ergonomic desk chair.  Because with a $2,000 chair I bet I could sit comfortably for twenty minutes instead of fifteen.  That’s totally worth it, right?


Maybe.  Would the s’mores crumbs clog the hot tub filter?  I’d hate to sit there worrying about that.


Antique moonstone necklace. Because I adore moonstones and I guarantee I’d be the only one at The Dollar Tree wearing this.


A pair of fuzzy slippers just like the ones in my blog header. I’ve hunted all over the internet and can’t find anything close. They must exist somewhere!

Lucchese boots.  I think these are my favorites, but it’s hard to decide.  There’s a black and red pair that runs a close second.  Nothing boosts your confidence like a nice pair of boots.


Kindle Fire. Oh, yeah – come to momma!

Linking this puppy up to Top Ten Tuesdays and Share Your Awesome on Friday and anywhere else I can think to link it that some stranger might want to send me an expensive gift.  This was a pretty fun post to write.  What are your ideal gifts?

Priced at just $4.99, it is now available in every format your little heart could desire at Smashwords, or, if you prefer, it’s also for sale in a Kindle version on Amazon!!

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10 thoughts on “Ten Gifts I’d Like for My Birthday. Or Christmas. Or Just Because I’m Awesome.”

  1. speaking of boots – google gringo – you might veer from wanting lucchese’s…just sayin’
    also – I could TOTALLY dig a tree house – so much less to take care of!!
    Love your list and the peek into your *sweet* heart it gives

  2. I won your book from Aunt Beverley’s Blog! And now I’ve reviewed it on Amazon! Apart from the brilliant recipes and the sensible advice about buying equipment for the kitchen and the well-thought-out shopping lists, do you know the thing I liked best about it? It makes having to watch the money into an adventure, a game we can win. I loved the charm and the cheery optimism of a cookery book that goes beyond just telling people how to cook; it suggests we can all get through this and be ok. I loved the advice to run past the deli bar. So true!

    1. I must have read your comment ten times this morning – you’ve completely made my day. That was EXACTLY the attitude I was trying to get encourage, and it makes me SO happy know that it came through!

  3. I would love someone to come paint the interior of my house. It needs some love, some fresh colors and I don’t like painting…at all! By the time I have everything out and ready to get started I am already over it! So a painter in some carpenter pants, with a wheel of Sherwin Williams Colors and lots of paint rollers/brushes would be a dream gift!

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