Ten MORE People You Should Follow on Pinterest (and Why)

Since my Ten People You Should Follow on Pinterest post keeps topping my most viewed posts list I thought I’d tell you about a few more of my favorites:

Lauren Sparacino because she has impeccable style and a sense of whimsy. For example, look at this umbrella. If I owned this umbrella I would want it to rain!  She posts stunning wedding ideas, too, if you’re planning (or just dreaming of) a wedding.


Then there’s Shana Putnam, who has boards that range from recipes for dog treats to great poses for photo shoots to gotta-have-it products like this one:

Source: ltdcommodities.com via Shana on Pinterest


Also, she has already started an Easter board, and watching her post to that may just get me through the dreariness of Winter after Christmas.

Of course you should follow Stephanie Allison White, who I want to come decorate my home when I win the lottery.  This chandelier will be over the bathtub 🙂 Oh, and she has a whole board of peacock stuff *love*


Megan Wittling, because her pins are even funnier than her tweets, and I didn’t think that was possible.  Here’s an example:

Source: weheartit.com via Megan on Pinterest



As for Andrea B, her “Importance of Words” quotes are some of the most inspiring and heartfelt I’ve seen.  Here’s one that rang true for me:



She also has great boards for organization and “What I Wish My Style Could Be” – those beautiful things we all love to look at but could never really carry off (or walk in).

Then there’s Maryann Rizzo.  How I got through life without her pinboards I simply do not know.  She has 53,000 pins, a board devoted completely to tree houses (and you know how I love tree houses) and is the person to follow for decor.  Just look at this birdhouse clock.

Source: artymiss.tumblr.com via Maryann on Pinterest


Perhaps I haven’t mentioned by love of birdhouses (sans birds, of course) before, but now I just have to have one.  My husband’s aunt, who’s also named Maryann, has birdcages amongst the thousands of books filling her home and she’s one of my idols.  Her “Repurposed Finds” board alone makes me want to crawl into her pinboards and live, so I’m embedding another (dresser into dresser/desk) and counting her as two – she deserves it.

Source: betterafter.blogspot.com via Maryann on Pinterest


And of course you have to follow Dianna Kennedy.  She’s homeschooling kids, organizing, being spiritual, running, and growing yet another baby, so she posts wonderful emotional stuff.  And since she and I have sworn we really are going to get together and do freezer cooking and handcraft Christmas gifts this year instead of just drinking coffee and giggling she and I should both be posting some good, usable stuff in the near future.  She’s already getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day – look at this cute leprechaun beard!


Are you following Amanda Ballard yet? Her favorite movie is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, she has exquisite taste (although way out of my price range) and she’s posting cute, quirky things as a college freshman.  Check out this Lilly Pulitzer pumpkin – could it be any cuter?


Have I mentioned Nancy Burgin?  She’s a marathon runner who’s giving serious consideration to a tattoo.  This is my favorite of her pinned options so far:


Then there’s one particular board you should follow.  Dianna (see above) started a combo board (she’s so clever) that she and I could both post Christmas 2012 DIY ideas to.  It’s huge already, and since neither of us is especially crafty all the projects are do-able.  Get a head start for next year with ideas like this one:


Who are your favorites to follow on Pinterest? Or should I be following you and I’m not? Let me know!  I’m linking this up to Top Ten Tuesdays and Oh, How Pinteresting.

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