Ten Reasons My Google Reader is Overloaded

Not the unread portion of my Google Reader, mind you – the starred section. At last count I had 219 blog posts starred. Two. Hundred. Nineteen. What’s the likelihood of my finding that recipe for french toast with peaches that you make the night before in all that mess? Yep, about one in two hundred nineteen. I’d be better off going to the track and placing a bet on the three-legged blind horse – better odds. I swear I’m going to do better, but this is how I got into this mess, kind of a “what not to do” tutorial:

1.) I star recipes I want to make. If I want to make them, why don’t I go ahead and print them out? Or at least pin them to Pinterest (if there’s a picture)?

2.) I star the upcoming deals for CVS and Kroger for the coming week. OK, this one is fairly valid, and I try to remember to unstar them once I’ve used them.

3.) I star free Kindle book downloads. This is bad, because by the time I get back to the post and look at them the ones I want are no longer free, and I hate missing a bargain.

4.) I star really awesome blog posts that I want to comment on, but am too scatter-brained at that particular moment to compose a good comment. I really don’t have any choice on this one – depending on where I’m at on the pain/ pain meds cycle I don’t make a lot of sense sometimes. So if I comment on your post a full week after you’ve posted it this is the reason.

5.) I star coupons and other limited time deals. STUPID! I have to stop doing this, because of course they are expired or sold out by the time I get to them – DUH!

6.) I star memes I want to participate in. This kinda works, as long as the meme is weekly. If it’s once a month that’s longer than I can remember and I’ll just keep missing it.

7.) I star craft projects or DIY thingies I want to do. I must stop starring and only pin to Pinterest. Of course my Pinterest boards are getting out of control, too, so that may not work long-term.

8.) I star a really good article on writing, or creating a great query letter, or blog improvement. Usually these don’t have pictures, so I can’t pin them. Suggestions?

9.) I star the latest Restaurant.com discount codes. Yes, these are a great deal. Right now you can enter the code WOW and get $25 gift certificates for $1. But out of nine pages of restaurants in my area there were only two I would consider going to. And one of those was sold out of $25 gift certificates. So why do I bother?

10.) I star contests I want to enter. Again, STUPID! I should either enter immediately or forget it, because, once again, by the time I get back to the post the deadline for entries has passed.

Is it just me, or do other people do this as well? I’m not a procrastinator my nature, but that little star is just so dang convenient! I’m linking this up to Top Ten Tuesdays because I’m a lover of lists and Works for Me Wednesdays because I’m hoping someone there can help me! Hmm, I think I’ll link to The Mommy Club Resources and Solutions as well, there are some sharp chicks there who may have some tips to help me out.

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4 thoughts on “Ten Reasons My Google Reader is Overloaded”

  1. lol loved your post. I don’t star posts… not sure why I don’t do that! I just save posts and keep them unread until I can comment/enter/print… whatever I was going to do with it. Pinterest is a great way to keep the recipes and things in one place. I’ve started using that a lot!

    1. Keeping them unread is probably a better idea – it forces you to do something sooner rather than later. And, yeah, Pinterest is totally crack on a stick!

  2. Pinterest really helps now, but I tend to save all posts, recipes I want to refer back to in tumblr. I have the “share on tumblr” tool in my tool bar which works just like the pinterest one.

    They are all kept in the one place and I can add notes to remind myself why I kept them (sometimes I can’t remember!)

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