Ten Reasons I Love My Kindle (AKA “Kenny”)

1.) I am never without a book.  Have you ever waited longer than you thought in a doctor’s office, finished the book in your purse, and had nothing else to read?  Or maybe just been unable to fall asleep after finishing the book you brought to bed?  I’m constantly downloading free and inexpensive books “just in case”, so there’s plenty to choose from after I’ve finished whatever I’m currently reading.

1.) I never lose my place.  I used to lose bookmarks constantly.  They’d fall out in my purse, the dogs would pull them out and eat them, the books fell off the bed and the bookmarks dropped out – you know how it is.  I turn Kenny on and he takes me straight to where I left off last time.

3.) No one else has to know what I’m reading.  I’m currently reading A Little Harmless Sex.  I suspect it will turn out to be a very sweet romance, but it does, as the title suggests, have some pretty racy scenes.  That’s not a dustcover I want to be flashing around at work or in carpool line.

4.) I’m reading authors and genres I would never have tried before.  Two of my recent favorites:  The Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking and the Donovan Creed mysteries by John Locke.  The Trylle Trilogy is a YA Fantasy series, and I don’t routinely read YA or Fantasy, but I loved these books – I read all three straight through.  The Donovan Creed books are men’s adventure/spy sorts of novels, which also don’t normally appeal to me.  I downloaded the first one because it was set in Louisville, where I live, and I found the fast-paced adventure perfect for holding my attention after surgery.

5.) My husband and youngest son are reading more.  Michael’s reading rock star autobiographies and John’s reading steampunk, but neither of them were reading for fun on a regular basis before Kenny came to live with us.

6.) I can read e-books more conveniently.  I’ve downloaded many e-books and read them on the computer, but now I can read on the go.  My latest download is 31 Days to Clean by Sarah Mae.  I may not be the best housekeeper, but I’m certainly in the running for best-read housekeeper!  I practically have Speed Cleaning and Sink Reflections memorized.

7.) I am actually spending LESS on books and reading MORE.  There are so many free and very inexpensive downloads available I can hardly believe it.  Yesterday I bought eight books for less than six dollars total – WOO HOO!  Michael’s books are the only ones I’ve paid full price for so far.

8.) Long books aren’t a problem anymore.  I have a special fondness for long books.  I read fast, and I like a book that will last a while.  Unfortunately, hauling around a big, heavy book can be a real pain sometimes.  Right now I’m dealing with these cervical spine issues and it’s a real treat carrying something that weighs just a few ounces.

9.) I can read in bed without bothering anyone.  I bought a case for Kenny, and a little light that attaches to it, so if I can’t sleep in the middle of the night I can use that to read without waking Michael up.  Even better, he can use that to read and not wake me up.

10.) Spaghetti sauce wipes off Kenny’s screen much more easily than off the pages of a book.  ‘Nuff said.



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9 thoughts on “Ten Reasons I Love My Kindle (AKA “Kenny”)”

  1. Yay! You know my nook and I can’t be parted, either. But I feel bad that he doesn’t have a name like Kenny does. Hmmm… everything I can think of that is a play on “nook” sounds dirty.

    1. I was going to suggest “Nicky the Nook”, but once I said it out loud I realized it sounded like a mafia hit man with a speech impediment. Either that or I’ve watched too many episodes of Mob Wives.

  2. I love my Kindle too for exactly the same reasons as you. Now I feel bad that I haven’t named it. If I had a Nook, it would have to be named Nanook. But I’m going to have to think about an appropriate name for my Kindle … Kendra, Kimberly, Karissa, Karla? I don’t know. None of those sound right.

  3. Hmmn, keep going. You’re swaying me … 🙂 Glad Kenny has been so good to you!! And your whole family, too. I think if I got a Kenny I’d want to keep him all to myself. I’m saving my pennies for my own Kenny. 😉

  4. I so want a Kindle. I currently have a Kobo and though I am enjoying having an ereader I am not the biggest fan of the Kobo. I don’t think hubby will let me get one though since I have an ereader already and an iPad.

    Oh stopping by from Lady Bloggers Tea Party. Loving your blog and think I may stick around for awhile. Hope you don’t mind.

  5. My husband bought me a Kindle last Christmas and I love it. With 4 kids, it seems like I am constantly waiting on them–in the car, at the orthodontist, dance lessons, etc. I keep my skinny Kindle in my purse, so I always have something to read. And I love that if I finish a book, I can just download something new immediately. My only disappointment is that e-books aren’t any cheaper than paperbacks, and in a lot of cases are even more expensive.

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