Ten Things I Can Do While I Talk on the Phone

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I can’t multitask the way I used to. I used to be able to carry on simultaneous conversations with someone on a cell on one ear and a land line on the other, while handing charts to rounding doctors on each side of me, flipping pages and pointing out important points along the way. Meanwhile listening for overhead pages for myself or either of the docs I was rounding with, fielding questions from staff nurses, and marking my patient list with color-coded pens as patients were seen. These days I can’t even have the radio on while i drive, so multitasking on a social call is about all I’m up to.

1.) Put away laundry. This is a chore I hate, and if I do it while I’m on the phone it’s not nearly as miserable.

2.) Clean computer keyboard with Q-tips. This is what I did last night while I was on hold forever with my mail-order pharmacy.

3.) Dust.

4.) Water plants.

5.) Brush dogs (if they’re willing).

6.) Scan Google Reader, starring things I want to come back to read.

7.) Home mani/pedi.

8.) Clean out purse.

9.) Sort emails (only if I’m on hold).

10.) Pick up dirty dishes and eviscerated stuffed animals from around the house. There are always plenty of both.

I do end up spending quite a bit of time on the phone and my neck gets stiff. Does anyone use a headset for their home phone? If so, what type and how do you like it? What else can I get accomplished while I’m on the phone?

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4 thoughts on “Ten Things I Can Do While I Talk on the Phone”

  1. Hey, Angie – I hear you on the decreasing ability to multi-task. Although I heard a study some time ago that proved that it’s really impossible for anyone. The brain truly can only focus on one thing at a time. But maybe the ability to switch gears quickly is what we identify as ‘multi-tasking’! Even so, any parent will say that they have developed the ability to monitor kid activities while doing mundane chores. 😉 However, I’d challenge anyone to monitor anything when they are deeply involved in a complex task…

    On the phone issue: We use the speaker option on our wireless handset while waiting on hold – and often for conversations when my husband and I are both invested in the subject. It also frees up two hands. Plus, I can move around, as long as I stay within shouting distance! I can haul it around with me, so if I finish the laundry and am still on hold, I can go to the kitchen, etc. You might consider a bluetooth type thing, too, if they are adaptable for landlines.

    Interesting thoughts, Angie!

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