Ten Things I Love About True Blood

1.) The HBO series is based (loosely, and more loosely all the time) on some charming books by Charlaine Harris.  I love that Debbie and Crystal look just as skanky as I imagined them in the books.  And those of you who’ve read the series – aren’t you just dying to see who plays Quinn?

2.) Lafayette. He dies early in the books, but I’m so glad they kept him in the HBO version. He gets all the best one-liners, last night’s “Marnie just puked a bitch out” among them.  This season’s hair is a disappointment and a distraction, but I do so love a man in eyeliner 😉

True Blood and True Blood Merchandise
3.) Pam. How could anyone not love a vampire with a fondness for vintage designer duds and a hatred for anything that ruins her heels or her nails?

4.) Terry Bellefleur. He’s developed into such a complicated character this season, but I could watch that scene from two seasons ago ever single day and still laugh: “Bullshit, God’s got horns.”

5.) The occasional over-the-top gruesomeness. Yes, there’s a lot of blood and gore, but it’s a show about vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, and so forth. I like that there’s not constant slasher-level gore, but when they do it they take it to such an extreme that it always makes me laugh instead of grimace. Russell’s spine-ripping on national TV, Eric’s sippy cup heart last night, and my personal favorite, Russell carrying around Talbot’s remains in an antique cut-glass compote.

6.) Twitter. Last night I was using TweetDeck to follow the #trueblood hashtag as usual, and for the last fifteen minutes of the show and for a good twenty minutes afterward I kept getting the “your tweetstream is being throttled” message I was getting through much of the Royal Wedding. People’s tweets were cracking me up – they were almost more entertaining than the show itself!7.) Real life fans. True Blood is a guilty pleasure – people don’t want to admit they watch it. My husband and I both have Merlotte’s T-shirts I bought us after the first season, and when someone recognizes the logo they always glance around to make sure no one else can hear before they ask about it, grinning ear-to-ear. Last year for Halloween I went to work dressed as a Bon Temps resident: my Merlotte’s T, jeans, and cowboy boots. I also drew a couple of subtle fang marks on my neck and wore my hair down so I could show them or not as the situation demanded – didn’t want to scare the patients.

8.) It’s the only TV series my husband and I both watch. Really – the only one. I don’t think we’ve routinely watched a TV show together since Knots Landing when we were dating (yes, we’re that old.) His comments during the show are usually the ones I tweet. My favorite this season: “Eric’s like a vampire Winnie the Pooh!”

9.) Jason. I know Jason, I grew up with him. You probably did, too – that gorgeous high school star all the girls swooned over? The one who was dumb as a box of rocks, but really a sweet person at heart? Whose smile alone got him out of all sorts of messes? How an Australian actor can create this role just amazes me.

10.) Alcide. I’m just gonna admit it. I think Alcide is HAWT. I’m not a huge Bill fan, was totally Team Eric up until Alcide showed up, but really, Sookie? Now that Alcide has abjured that tramp Debbie I think it’s time to make the switch from vampire to werewolf. Just sayin’.

I’m linking this up to Top Ten Tuesdays – let’s see how many people will admit to being True Blood fans! And since this is my favorite post of the week, I’m also linking up to Share Your Awesome – be sure and stop by, there are always great posts there!

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14 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love About True Blood”

    1. I think you can get past seasons on Netflix. Adults only, though! The books are are quite sweet, but you know HBO would put hot sex scenes in a remake of Mary Poppins 😉

  1. my favorite quote EVER is from season 1, the waitress from Merlotte’s that was murdered…she called jason “dumber than a box of hair”…i’d never quite heard it put that way before! and i’m 100% team alcide, Vampire Beehul is so boring

    1. I’d forgotten that – it’s perfect! You would think that since Bill and Sookie are a couple in real life there’d be a lot of chemistry between them on screen, but you’re right, he bores me to tears!

  2. You are so, so, so right! My personal favorite Lafayette quote is: “Just because Jesus and I agreed to see other people doesn’t mean we don’t still talk from time to time.”

    Also, Terry keeps getting better and better and better. And I dated Jason in high school… seriously.

    But you and I both know that the reason I keep watching is Alcide. I never understood – even in the books – why Sookie would keep picking boring, cold, dead Bill & Erik over hot, growly, wolfy Alcide.

  3. I’ve read all of the books, but I can’t bring myself to watch the show. I tried. The fake accents slay me. I just can’t handle it. Although… I do think it would be better if they would follow the books more closely.

    1. There’s really nothing worse than a fake Southern accent, is there? And it does make me crazy when they bring in a character from the book and I think they’re going to start following more closely, then it take a hard left turn into weirdness 🙁

  4. I know there is a lot of vampire mania out there. I wouldn’t know one from another, but I made my daughters read Dracula so they could compare the literary value. I won.

    This is a really entertaining post. I have watched a number of shows I was a little embarrassed to admit, and eventually realized Tons of People watched them.

    Thanks for sharing with Jennifer.

  5. I have never watched this show, but I am always amazed at the variety of people who are diehard fans. I love looking at Facebook feed and seeing everyone (from my parents to the young 20 something at my work) proclaim how they can’t wait for True Blood that night.

    I have to admit that is some hard core eye candy.

    Stopping by from Momma Made It Look Easy.

  6. Love this, and couldn’t agree more with you, especially about Alicide.

    I am also so very sad about this weeks episode, to kill off two characters I like so very much, ugh. I am hoping Tara gets saved, somehow.

    1. My husband and I were talking, and we’re betting on both Bill and Eric scurrying right on over in response to Sookie’s cries for help and saving Tara. She just too likable a character to lose!

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