Ten Things I’m Superstitious About

Top Ten {Tuesday}
1.) The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning or when I come home is check my phone messages and emails. If there’s bad news, I want to know about it as soon as possible. I’m one of those “pull the band-aid off fast” sorts of people.

2.) I say a little prayer before answering if a strange number shows up on my cell phone’s caller ID. I once got a call at work from an EMT telling my my husband had been in a wreck (was hit by a woman chatting on her cell phone going the wrong way down a one-way street) and his truck had been flipped upside down and he was en route to the hospital. He ended up being fine. But I’ll never answer an unknown number again without worrying.

3.) I keep this book handy. Just in case there’s a worldwide catastrophe and we have no access to current technology I will know how to butcher a hog, dig a well, and make soap.

(Just in case you’re superstitious like me)

4.) I keep this wig in the back of my closet:

It’s one my grandmother ordered many, many years ago and didn’t like, so she gave it to me.  I think I was about thirty, and couldn’t imagine wearing a wig for any reason but one: cancer.  So the wig has sat in its box in my closet for about fifteen years now and it will continue to sit there, because I am convinced that if I give it away I will need it.  Yes, I realize I have issues.

5.) The words, “I have a surprise for you” strike terror into my heart.  My body responds with an adrenaline rush as if someone had pointed a gun at me.  I hate surprises, and there’s absolutely no reason for it.  I just irrationally assume the surprise is something horrible.

6.) Boxed chocolates.  Unless they have a little chart under the cover that says what each one is (and sometimes even then) I’m always sure I’ll get a coconut-filled one, which I find horribly disgusting. (Sorry, Mary Jo)

7.) After I lost my job in July when my FMLA ran out I had to go box up the stuff in my office and bring it home.  I didn’t have that many things, so I was in and out fast, basically just grabbing my own copies of my resume and my professional certifications and the few family pictures I’d brought in.  I was very emotional at that time and didn’t want to run into anyone.  I haven’t unpacked that box.  Maybe the next job I get I won’t need the Tums 🙂

8.) Like every other nurse I know, I never say anything like “I’m bored.” or “It’s really quiet.”  Even at home I don’t say it, for fear of the full-out train wreck catastrophe that’s sure to follow.

9.) I fill up my gas tank when it hits the 1/4 mark.  I’ve lived in the city for 25 years now, always with a gas station less than a mile from home, but when I was learning to drive I lived thirteen miles from the nearest gas station.  Some habits you just can’t ever break.

10.) Everything in my car is secured in some bay – in a crate, in my Pinterest-inspired trashbag (sorry, I can’t find the pin, but it’s made out of a plastic cereal container), or in the console or glovebox.  I flip out if my son is riding with me and just sits something in the floorboard or on the backseat.  Actually, this superstition has a solid foundation, since I totalled a car because of a paperback book that found its way from under the driver’s seat (where it had probably been for months) to under my brake.  Thankfully, I just hit a concrete wall in a parking garage, not another car, or, God forbid, a person crossing the street.  But I’m not taking a chance on that happening ever again.

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10 thoughts on “Ten Things I’m Superstitious About”

    1. I’ve always wanted to raise my own chickens and gather fresh eggs every morning, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun it I couldn’t tweet and blog about it 😉

      1. Well ….. you know Kaye lives smack in the middle of the city and has plenty of chickens. You;ll have to ask her about the passive agressive note she got about her rooster — on her van windshield. He’s apparently annoying the neighbors.

  1. I typically use the “poke” method with boxes of chocolates. The only difference is that I’m looking FOR the coconut ones 🙂 Also, I LOVE that book. Have you ever read/seen the Foxfire series? It’s pretty awesome and a must have in case of zombie apocalypse.

  2. I found you through your wonderful aunt’s blog, and now, I am following you both (in my Favorites list)! I am so impressed with your writing a book, and now creative writing! I do not know what FMLA is, but I’m sorry your job ran out–if you are sorry. sounds as though you are happily running along without it!

    1. I am so glad you found me, and that people are still finding and using Beverly’s blog even a year after her death. I made her recipes for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and I felt like she was with us in spirit 🙂

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