Ten Things My Mother Taught Me

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Ten things my mother taught me:

10.) Working hard is something to be proud of. My mom has always worked harder than anyone else I know.

9.) Eat, you’ll feel better. (Maybe I learned that one a little too well.)

8.) Never say “ain’t”. It’s common.

7.) How to cheer at UK Wildcat basket ball games (It’s conversational – address players and coaches by their first names and offer suggestions as if they were playing in your backyard.  Large gestures help get your point across.)

6.) How to set tobacco (Some of my favorite memories are setting tobacco with my mom, both of us talking constantly, and sometimes laughing so hard we couldn’t set the plants and Dad would have to stop the tractor.)

5.) How to hem pants (I can do it, but I hate it. I bought a new roll of Stitch Witchery just the other day. Sorry, Mom!)

4.) A garden hose will burst if left outside when the temperature dips below freezing. Of course she doesn’t really believe I’ve learned this yet, so she always calls me when there’s a freeze predicted and reminds me.

3.) Country music is the only kind there is. I grew up on Johnny Cash, Elvis, and Loretta Lynn. I have all three on my mp3 right now (along with Lady Gaga and Katy Perry).

2.) Wrestling is real and Chuck Norris is a good actor. I’m trying to keep an open mind on these two.

1.) Women are strong – usually stronger than men. They can handle whatever life throws at them. I’ve gotten though a lot of tough times just knowing Mom went through worse.

Thanks, Mom! I’ll get back to you on the Chuck Norris thing, ‘kay?

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17 thoughts on “Ten Things My Mother Taught Me”

  1. One of the biggest lessons my mother taught me was learn a trade because you cannot depend on a man to take care of you.

  2. Number 4 definitely got me. My mom would do the same thing. Not with the garden hose. But, with everything else. We always say, “She’s thinking all the time!” It’s her way of “helping,” to remind us of things, in case we forgot!

  3. Love this post. She sounds a lot like my Mama…

    Also, tornadoes have sirens to warn them when Chuck Norris is coming. Just sayin’

    Plus, this gave me an idea for an only marginally related post of my own – thanks 😉

  4. Stitch Witchery!! Love it!! I never learned to hem…my momm will still do it for me even though I”m 44! How sad is that?
    I loved reading about your mom. The description of how to act at the basketball games made me laugh!
    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s

  5. I loved hearing what you learned from your mom and how tenderly (and apologetically!) you spoke about some of those things. Glad to have stopped by on mamakat’s linkup!

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