Ten Things That Make Me Happy

— 1 —

I have a car! No, I didn’t earn a Lexus from Nerium (yet), but we are no longer a one-car family.  My husband’s brother and his wife gave us a car they were no longer using, a Toyota Camry. It’s so comfortable to drive, and now I can do more with our Nerium business and John can use that learner’s permit and start to drive! Our other car is massive, has huge blind spots, and is completely impossible to parallel park. It’s just not a car to learn on. It’s wonderful just to be able to take myself to my own doctor’s appointments!

— 2 —

 Scentsy By The Sea. I’m late to the party on all of this stuff, but I’m finally trying Scentsy. I love scented candles, but there are two dog tails that wag right at usual candle height and I’m terribly forgetful about blowing them out. Scentsy solves both problems and my house smells like vacation, even though it’s been nearly a decade now since we’ve had one. I still remember the smell, though 😀

— 3 —

My Miranda Lambert Pandora station. It’s playing right now, and it helps keep me up-beat 🙂

— 4 —

Accurate scales. I was finally brave enough to show up for a bariatric surgery appointment yesterday. They had me stand on a scale the size of my coffee table, and the weight that showed up was forty-five pounds lighter than I’ve weighed for the last nine months at my primary care doc’s office. I laughed and told the assistant that I wished that scale was right, and if walking through the door had made me drop that much weight I’d just walk out and come back in a couple more times and we could skip the surgery! But she took me to another scale and my weight was exactly the same. I very clearly haven’t lost any weight, so I need to let me doc know how far his scale is off. It was pretty exciting to find out I weighed forty-five pounds less than I thought, though!

— 5 —

Aquarius. Have you been watching the new David Duchovney show on NBC? It’s set in LA while Charles Manson was building his group of followers, and it’s fantastic! You can actually binge-watch if you like, which I think is brilliant on NBC’s part. We’ve all become so spoiled by Netflix that we don’t want to wait  week to see what happens next. First-world problems, right? But the music, the decor, the hair, the clothes – add in all the rapid cultural change going on and it’s irresistible.

— 6 —

Novenas. I started the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena yesterday and hopefully the timing will be right for that to lead right up to my surgery. It’s one of my favorites and just saying it makes me feel safe.

— 7 —

Nerium.  I truly feel this company is going to be our future. I love all their products, but right now the Firm most of all, because using it on my legs once a day for a month let me wear short (for me – just a couple of inches above the knee) dresses this weekend and not feel self-conscious. I knew nothing was looking jiggly or lumpy, just smooth and healthy!

— 8 —

The last week of school. After today John just has one more day then he’s free until July, when marching band starts. It’s been a tough semester for him, and I’m looking forward to having him to myself for  while. We’ll watch 80’s music, and have long, serious debates over trivial things. And I’ll listen to him play games online with him friends, and play his drums.

— 9 —

Perennials. I’m so glad that when I could garden I planted mainly perennials. Now they come back every year and I get to enjoy them even though I can’t garden anymore.

— 10 —

The library. I go through books so fast, and I don’t think there’s been a single day since I learned to read that I wasn’t reading. When I finish one book I pick up the next. If I had to buy all those books we’d be living in a cardboard box. Which would be frustrating, because all my books would get wet!

I’m linking up at Mama Kat’s Writers’ Workshop today. Drop by and see what’s going on!

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8 thoughts on “Ten Things That Make Me Happy”

  1. Stopping by from the link up – I’m excited about perennials too. We’re about to get some planted so we can benefit in future years too. Glad you’re happy!

  2. We regularly host home parties as we like a lot of the products, it does not help to have friends that sell them…lol

    My whole family loves Scentsy and the kids enjoy getting to smell the new scents. And I agree, I don’t know what I would do without library as read way too much to afford to buy books!

    1. The library’s always been a happy place for me. That wonderful smell, the cool air, and shelves and shelves of books to pile into my arms! And even though my kids are 24 and 16 I have to browse the children’s section. I could easily become a children’s book hoarder 😀

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