Ten Tips for “Down Days”

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You’re sick.  Your kids are sick.  You got called in to work on your day off.  Or maybe all the balls you juggle on a daily basis just came tumbling down at once.  No matter the reason, we all have days when our plans fall apart and we just want to curl up in a corner and hide from the world.  It’s okay.  Here’s Plan B.

— 1 —

Ditch your expectations for the day.  No guilt.  Anything not essential for life or safety can wait a day or two.

— 2 —

Throw the rules out the window.  If your fever is 102 it’s okay if the kids watch TV and play video games all day long.  It won’t rot their little brains that quickly.  The dog can have a quick potty break in the yard instead of a long walk.

— 3 —

Pull something out of the freezer or order out.  This is one of the many times when freezer cooking comes in handy, but if you’re not into that or have fallen behind (like I have) pulling some frozen meatballs, a jar of spaghetti sauce, and some dried pasta out is plenty good enough.

— 4 —

Ignore the fact that your house is a pigsty.  In the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter.  During the times I’m firmly on the Fly Lady bandwagon it’s not a big deal, because my house really does stay clean with just fifteen minutes of cleaning a day.  But for the other 50% of the time when I’m scrambling to stay ahead of the mess one day still isn’t going to make that big a difference.

— 5 —

Pamper yourself a little if at all possible.  Run through Starbuck’s on the way home from work or the pediatrician’s, curl up with a favorite book or movie – comfort yourself.

— 6 —

Call a friend.  Even if you have three kids down with the plague and there’s no way anyone’s going to come visit you can vent a little over the phone.  Sometimes just talking to someone else about what a lousy day you’re having helps lighten the load and give you a new perspective.

— 7 —

Pray.  I’ve kept a prayer journal for about a year now, and even if you’re not religious writing down what you’re thankful for and what you need help with can be a huge eye-opener.

— 8 —

Take any help that’s offered.  Let a neighbor pick up your kids at school, let your husband do the laundry and help with homework.  Don’t be a martyr.

— 9 —

Light a scented candle, put on your favorite music, and cuddle with the dog, the cat, the kids, and the hubby.  Utilize all your senses to find comfort where you can.

— 10 —

Speak thoughtfully to yourself.  This is not the time to detail your shortcomings and berate yourself for your weaknesses.  Say the things to yourself you would say to your very best friend if she were in this situation.

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3 thoughts on “Ten Tips for “Down Days””

  1. You. Rock. (I’m printing this so the next time we’re all down for the count, I can post it on the fridge and they’ll all know what to expect.) 🙂

  2. Thanks for this. I’m having some ‘down’ days this week & number 10 was exactly what I needed to hear. So looking forward to finally meeting you!

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