Ten Wonderful Little Things I’ve Found on Pinterest

I’m trying not to let Pinterest be too much of a time-suck, which means I have to actually find time-saving or money-saving ideas there that I can easily implement. Here are my most recent favorites:
1.) Spray painting booth


I bought one of these for $20 at Target for my son, who is always spray painting something (steampunk armor, for instance). He keeps it in the basement so he can spray and then quickly come upstairs to escape the fumes before they kill any brain cells, and he can keep working no matter what the weather. (I made him spray paint outside before we found this idea.)

2.) Simple and effective cleaner:


This really does work beautifully. I cleaned everything in my kitchen and bathrooms with this and there was no scrubbing required. Soap scum, dried stuff on stove, everything wipes away with warm water.

3.) Freezing cilantro


This one came in very handy when I found a pound of fresh cilantro for $4 at GFS a week or so ago. I love cilantro, but it’s so expensive and I’ve never been able to grow it successfully in my herb garden, either.

4.) Toilet paper roll gift wrap protectors

Source: joyastle.com via Angie on Pinterest


Seriously brilliant. One at each end of a tube of wrapping paper and it couldn’t be more secure.

5.) Using tops of water bottles to secure bagged items in the pantry


I especially like this one for powdered sugar, since I tend to make an unholy mess every time I open the bag. This gives me a little more control.

6.) Egg carton to hold Christmas ornaments

Source: re-nest.com via Angie on Pinterest


Of course this only works for very small Christmas ornaments, but we have a lot of those, mostly from my husband’s grandmother, and this protects them beautifully. I just layer the rest in the rubbermaid container with bubble wrap.

7.) How to keep slinky or wide-neck tops on hangers


I was amazed at how well this worked.  No more swearing after finding a favorite top wrinkled and fur-covered at the bottom of the closet!

8.) Frugal DIY eye makeup remover


I used the olive oil option since it’s what I had on hand.  It worked great and didn’t leave my eyes red and puffy the way other eye makeup removers have.

9.) Fixing funky-smelling towels

Source: lifehacker.com via Angie on Pinterest


My husband did all the laundry for several months during the past year because of my limitations after back-to-back surgeries.  He truly did not understand that it wasn’t OK to leave wet towels sitting in a pile on top of the dryer for twenty-four hours.  I bought a few new towels, because the funky ones were making me nauseated every time I took a shower, but I hadn’t given up on them.  This tip works.  I can now put the previously-funky towels back into the rotation.

10.) Brightening grayed whites


I tried this with a T shirt of my husband’s that looked awful, but that he didn’t want to toss.  It actually did whiten it quite a bit, and if it had been summer and I’d been able to hang it out in the sun to dry I bet it would have worked even better.  It’s a lot of trouble, but for favorite T shirts or cloth napkins with sentimental value it’s absolutely worth it.

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5 thoughts on “Ten Wonderful Little Things I’ve Found on Pinterest”

  1. Oh my, I love the water bottle top pantry container. I definitely need to do that, I’m forever spilling baking ingredients as I try to get them out of the pantry.

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